Thursday, April 5, 2012

Vibrant Life Article

Back to feeling like an athlete again and I love it! I really enjoying training and I have a very hard time when I have to be away from it due to injury. So hitting doubles is exactly what I need! Things continue to progress with the Clavicle. I've been swimming everyday an putting down a lot more yardage than I would have though possible. It is excellent rehab for my collarbone. I just got in the water 5 days ago and already it feels much better while I am swimming. Sometimes if gets irritated around the screws from the swimming but nothing terribly serious. The same goes for running. When I first start my run it is like really? this again? but i work though it and its fine. Cycling doesn't really present a problem for it. I am even starting to do a tiny bit out of the saddle if necessary. I wanted to catch up on the training but I also wanted to post this link to an article on vegan athletes that I am quoted in. Check it out!

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