Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I take that back

Woke up early this morning and did all of my footwork exercises while waiting for the sun to come up so I could go ride my 10 Mile TT. My husband decided to join me for the ride. We did a 3 mile warmup and then rode 10 miles in 34.58.  Had some traffic issues but overall we were hitting it. Slow cooldown ride back home. I also started using my bike to commute again now that I can use my hand better on it. Didn't feel too bad after the ride but crushed myself doing 4 rounds of 100 meters walking lunges and 25 situps with a 20 lb weight vest. time  = 23.06. I was tired after that and I have a feeling I will be feeling that tomorrow. Actually tired so headed to bed early tonight.  I registered for a sprint tri in sept. Excited to get another race in before the season is over.

Chocolate Soymilk
sprouted GrainBagel
VEGA WFO w/coconut water
Tofu Teriyaki, Brown Rice & veggies
DarkChocolate peanut butter
Tempeh w/onions, peppers, tomatoes, black beans & lime corn crackers

Monday, August 30, 2010

really good

that's how I am feeling. Really good. Not tired or sore today. I am kinda surprised by that but I am not at all complaining. I love it! I really didn;t sleep well last night so I expected to be tired today but it wasn't the case. I don't know if it is because I did so much better pre-race wise or maybe I am getting stronger at this stuff? or maybe I just didn't go hard enough.

Hit the pool this morning. 100 warmup and 500 of drills. another 100. Then 2 x 200 all out.

1 - 3.47 - missed the wall on all but 1 flip turn. they were ugly.
2 - 4.51 - thinking so much about my turns not thinking enough about how many laps I was doing. There were some extra.

Chocolate Soymilk
Chocolate Chip Pancake
VEGA WFO w/coconut water & ground flax
Pad Thai w/roasted asparagus, corn & broccoli
Chocolate Almonds
Tempeh Scrambled with red bell peppers, onions & spinach

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Riverstock Tri Race Report

fun day today! I got third in my age group although I didn't have that great of a race but things to learn from for sure. This Tri was much more laid back compared to the others ive been too. It was a blast. It was wetsuit legal which was good because this is the coldest water i've swam in yet I think. They did 2 waves. I was in the second. Took some shots at the start. At least 2 really good elbows to the face. Didn't drink any river water with them which was good because it was kinda scary looking. The water was rough for a couple of reasons. It was an in water start and as soon as we got in to tread water everyone just started drifting down the river. It was really hard to try to maintain a position. The beginning of the loop course swim was down river but that didn't really help because we were too busy crashing into each other until the first turn. I think there was so much contact because it was just really hard to see. Mostly because it was cold last night and it was foggy on the river so sighting was hard. I actually had a really hard time doing it there were times where I was just following people in front of me because I had no idea where the buoys were. After the first turn we had to cross the river with the current still dragging us down river. I definitely swam extra yardage here just trying to get myself back to the next turn buoy. I just don't know enough about how to open water swim yet to try to prevent that from happening. Then the longest part of the swim course was swimming against the current upstream into the swim with fog. Sighting disaster for me. swam extra yardage again. Just following people trying to get my bearings. Thinking it couldn't get worse. Then i made the turn to cross back against the river again and I realized how wrong I was. For some reason they put this turn right after a bridge. so now the river current is pushing me downstream directly into the bridge. I almost hit every concrete pillar of the bridge. I had to swim out from under the bridge everytime and it was tough trying to fight the current. I was coming up with some interesting swimming, breast stroke/side stroke hybrid to try to keep my face out of the water so i wouldn't hit the bridge.  i survived without hitting any of the concrete and was finally going to swim for the finish downstream but my heart was thumping after having to fight so hard against the current around the bridge. I did pick up the pace but overall I was a little stressed by the swim. Everyone's swim times were slow though. T1 - had trouble getting my cycling shoes on but ready to hit the bike. This was another challenge because the flat sections of the course were on a street with road construction. Apparently there was some kind of bad accident so they were re routing traffic to this area so it was shoulder riding in the traffic heading out and then the hills started. there was a big climb around mile 5. After getting up the downhill was on a farm road which was paved but had a bunch of gravel/dirt on it so i was using my brakes. I got a front tire flat coming down it so i couldn't fly as i didn't have the best control over my bike. I didn't stop to change it because I wasn't completely sure what happened to it until I got off the bike and it would have taken me forever so I actually made it through the whole bike course on it. I didn't see any bike support or marshalls the whole ride. Mostly the course was rolling hills country roads. The national guard was doing the traffic control and they were great fun to the have on the course. I've never received such official cheers before. Or been called Ma'am so many times. The last couple miles of the course were tough with the traffic again because we had to cross it and ride in the center of the road to get back to the park. Yes someone actually got hit by a car on the course. Scary stuff. I did well with my gels on the bike. ok with the salt. But I didn't drink enough. I only got through one bottle and i was feeling that later on the run. T2 - troubles getting my socks on don't really want to wear them.  My bike fell off the rack while i was getting my sneakers on. Headed out on the run. Legs hurt for the first part. They hurt a bunch on the bike too. But I felt like I was moving at a decent clip. Then the heel started hurting. It just feels so bad I will be incredibly surprised if it doesn't require surgery. I keep moving through the run but it was really starting to break me down. Then my good foot started really hurting too. But i knew I didn't have much to go by that point. I was thirtsy on the run. They only had water at miles 3 and 5. By the time I got to the run it was sunny and warm out so I was hoping for more water but I survived without it. although I did drink one right at the finish straight down.  I took a gel on the run and did fine with it but I didn't have any salt. forgot to grab it off my bike. I was feeling a little crappy in the last mile not sure if it was from the heel pain or what but I knew I was almost done. I don't have an official time yet and i forgot to stop my watch but I believe I did it in 3:27.  I am curious to see the splits. I think the swim was around 39 minutes (ouch!).  I think the bike was 1:40.  The transitions I think were faster. I hope so or jay is gonna yell. I think the run was around an hour but my husband said it was less. With the shape my foot is in ill take that. I felt good afterwards mostly thirsty not tired or sore. They had vegan friendly post race food so I even got to chow done. I am honestly surprised with how well I feel afterwards. I am not tired and my legs feel like they did some work for sure but they are not overly sore. jay puts worse beatings on me than this with walking lunges. Overall it was a great time. I need to work on my open water swimming so it isn't so much of a challenge. And I really need to learn how to ride a bike better. I was so happy to be able to use my drops again. ive been off of them for about 6 weeks while the splint was on and it just felt good to be over the bike again.  Although my lower back was hurting a bit during the ride put probably because i haven't been doing that. Run wise I need to get the foot fixed.

sprouted grain bagel
vega sport optimizer with coconut water

post race
Brown Rice, Cuban Black Beans with Salsa & romaine in a tortilla
carob mint recovery drink with dates, agave, coconut water, coconut oil, salt
chocolate chip pancakes
carrot cake rice dream

Pictures are uploaded to facebook.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ready 2 Rock Riverstock!

the preparations are done. time to rest and rock the riverstock tri tomorrow. This is the best I've done so far with getting myself ready to roll. Did my carb loading and hydration.  Took a 30 minute easy ride today with 3 - 20 second pickups. Washed Stefan and got him race ready. Hair is braided and tri stuff is packed. Car is loaded and I love it! It was a long day getting it all ready but this is the earliest Ive ever been ready for a race so that is a good sign! The weather looks great for riverstock tomorrow. This is going so well I am almost waiting for something to go wrong. Like what did I forgot, etc. That's the main difference between things going well or not. When things are going wrong your so busy dealing with what went wrong you don't have time to think. When things go right it's much easier to obsess.

Chocolate Chip Spelt Pancakes
Garlic Roasted Potatoes
Pad Thai (Rice Noodles with Tofu & broccoli in peanut sauce)
Ginger Ale (Coconut water, ginger, agave)

Even got a lesson on some bike things today.  Learned how to change a tube. Hope I never have to do it in a race! Thanks Jeff! You make stefan and I safer!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Free to do what I want anyone old time

Went back to the ortho this morning and got more xrays. Hand looks good enough to not have to wear the splint anymore!! whoo hoo! I am free! I love it! My hand is still sore but most likely it is from it being in the splint and It should go away when I start using it again and loosen it up a bit. Hopefully I will be able to go back to weights, pullups, pushups etc. soon. I am going to test it out and see how it feels.

Had a swim workout this morning. It was hard getting up to go I was tired and crabby when I got up. Did 100 warmup and 100 of each drill then 3 x 200 meters on 1 minute.

1 - 3.34
2 - 3.35
3 - 3.31

then a 150 cooldown.

Chocolate Soymilk
Sprouted Grain Bagel
VEGA WFO w/coconut water
Teriyaki Tofu, Brown Rice & veggies
Carmalized Onion Hummus with/ Steamed Broccoli
Roasted Asparagus & Corn
Peanut BUtter

I gotta be all over the race prep tomorrow!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Step ups

slept in again this morning! went to bed on time. slept 9 hours! I never get sleep like this. I almost wonder if it isn't the NSAIDS that are making me so tired. Hopefully all of this extra sleep will translate well for the race this weekend. Did 100 Steps up for time (50 each leg) time - 4.48.

Chocolate Soymilk
Tempeh Bacon
VEGA WFO w.coconut water
Grit Tofu
Zucchini Chips
Peanut Butter
Bell Pepper stuff with Brown Rice, Black Beans, Mango, Coconut, Cashews

I schedule an appointment with a different podatrist for about my half-marathon. Hopefully I will like this one better and finally get this heel situation under control. Ive been all over it today trying to get it race ready or as race ready as I can get it at this point.  So far the weather is looking nice for this sunday. That will be sweet!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Sufferfest Part Deux

thanks lobster! I am using that race as motivation for my next race. Everything that went wrong I am thinking about to work on for next time. I have to stay focused on the swim! I need to book it on the transitions! I have to push it more on the run! I need to sleep well this week. I must eat properly the day before the race! Im on it. Been taking care of my feet as much as possible. Stretching, icing, exercises, rolling. Went to bed on time last night and was just tired this morning. Didn't get up to workout, spent some extra time sleeping. Then had to do sufferfest part 2 with my husband which involved me riding bike tabata on my trainer while my husband was supposed to yell out the time for me so i didn't have to pay attention to the watch. He took it upon himself to keep yelling faster! faster! 8 rounds of 20 on 10 off.

Chocolate Soymilk
Tempeh Bacon
Peanut Butter
VEGA WFO w/coconut water
Grit Tofu
Black Eyed Peas, Swiss Chard, Carrots, Soba Noodles

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


tuesday 8.24.10

I did not want to get up this morning when the alarm went off. I actually reset it to go off later and I wanted to go back to bed but I knew I needed to get up to get my workouts done for today so I dragged myself to the crossfit gym while it was still dark out. I am not happy about this change of season thing already. Warmup & foot drills then

3 rounds of
Row 500 meters
20 box jumps @ 24 inches
20 GHD situps


Really hungry again today!

Chocolate Soymilk
Sprouted Grain Bagel
VEGA WFO w/coconut water
Thai Tofu, Veggies & Brown Rice
Grit Tofu
Roasted Eggplant Dip

Recruited my husband to go on Sufferfest with me. That would be the 5 x 1 mile bike hill repeats. Warmup 3 mile ride then started suffering! Recovered on the downhill. Did 3 hills then he started finding ways to make the hill worse but turning off the hill to find even more hill climbing to do! why did i bring him again?? But I hung in there. cooldown 3 mile ride.

Wilkes-Barre Tri Race Report

oops! been awhile since I updated. Saturday 8.21 - I did a 30 minute easy bike ride with 3 - 20 second pickups. Then the rest of the day just got taken up by things and then it was time to do the pre-race stuff. I need to get more efficient and spend less time the night before a race packing etc. I have another oly distance tri coming up this weekend so hopefully I will be more focused on the race this time around on the day before not just on raceday. I just did not feel well on either saturday or sunday and I think it played out in my race. Didn't eat well enough on saturday, Ate breakfast and then at night had more leftover breakfast, no lunch. didn't sleep well enough, went to bed late and kept waking up ready to go to the race and just didn't have my usual excitement going into the race on sunday. It probably didn't help that it rained saturday night and the entire time on sunday. But that is an excuse it rained for everyone there, we all had to deal with the same conditions. Good news is I wasn't nervous for the race but I wasn't really excited for it either. Which is kinda sad because I was looking forward to it earlier in the week. But another race this weekend that I AM excited for!!

WB TRI - Oly Distance - Race Report
Swim - 36.20 - Didn't feel good on the swim and not happy with the time. It was wave starts and mine was the last group to go before the relays. I have to mention I am not a big fan of this lake. It smells like fuel from all the boats on it, you can't see in the water (probably dont want to) and the weeds are ridiculous. I thought I was going to look like a sea monster. They were sticking to my face, wrapping around my neck, hands, feet. Again, it was like this for everybody. I just need to get over it and not let it affect me. Got a warmup beating from the people in my wave. Then when the relay wave went off behind me the real beating began. Lots of contact on this race. Nothing seemed to go right for me on the swim. It was raining and foggy and I was having a hard time sighting. I was wearing dark metallic goggles which probably didn't help. Need to pick up a clear pair just in case. I stuck to it but  I just never felt like i got into a good swimming pace, just always was dealing with something like people hitting me, or weeds or trying to figure out where i was going etc. I know I can swim much better than this.I was swimming distracted by all of these things instead of with focus. this was a point to point race which I also didn't really love so in T1 - i had to strip off my wetsuit etc, and stuff all of my things into a plastic bag for volunteers to pick up and bring back to the finish. So my T1 time was high at 2:52. I also was taking the plastic off my bike, trying to keep it somewhat dry for the ride, next time I will do this before the race since it is just going to get wet anyway on the ride. Bike - 1:42 - Kinda bummed about the rain because I think I could have done much better on the bike course if it werent pouring. 2.8 inches of rain came down. of course not all of during the race. Anyway, I kept my HR in the zone and fueled well while on the bike. So no issues there. I like the bento box better than the taping method. Just easier. The hardest thing was it was so dark I didn't wear my riding glasses and it was hard to keep your eyes open with rain hitting you. It was also windy so my bike was blowing across the road. There were a ton of race marshalls out on the course the entire time so at least people were not riding stupid around me. It is actually a nice bike course I jsut didn't get to take advantage of that. I am going to work on my biking a lot so that things like rain don't have such an effect on my race. I didn't dump the bike which was a good thing. T2 - 1:44 - Im hoping a lot of this slow transition has to do with my hand injury and that I can start making up time here. I decided not to grab gels because I thought there was soda on the course. No such luck so I did the entire run with just salt tabs. I did fine that way. There was water at every mile. Run 1:12 - it is actually a 7.2 mile course so it is about a mile longer than a normal oly distance but not a big deal. rolling hills the entire time including a downned tree crossing. only the start/finish is flat, but they were smaller hills, not major climbing. I need to try to run harder next time. My heel is honestly killing me and I can't want to get this fixed so I can run hard again. I knew I would make it through the run but I kinda knew it wasn't going to be a great run for me either. Finished in 3:35. I know I can do better. I was disappointed afterwards. I am happy I did the race even with the injuries as it was still fun and I gained experience and practice. I look forward to doing my next one but I don't think I will ever look back at this as a race to remember. Came home and ate the rest of the day. Tired but not really sore.

monday - Didn't sleep all that well even though I was tired. a little sore in the morning but not anything more serious than I would be from a CF workout. My upper back/neck was tight but I know it was from the bike and the way I was riding it in the rain. Did a swim - 100 warmup and drills then a 30 minute time trial. That started off as a time trial but I think I was still tired from the race becuase I was swimming well but I wasn't killing it. I went with it and really focused on my form a lot. Pretty hungry again! Actually went to bed on time as I was tired and slept until the alarm went off.

Friday, August 20, 2010

almost here!

went to bed at a reasonable time last night. Slept well. Good energy when I got up and most of the day. Hit the pool 100 warmup and 300 of drills Then 8 x 100 on 4 minutes rest. My best swim times yet!
1 - 1.46 - first one always ends up being the worst - maybe I don't warmup hard enough?
2 - 1.38
3 - 1.36
4 - 1.38
5 - 1.39 - water in goggles yuck! but suffered through as I didn't want to stop to clear it out
6 - 1.35
7 - 1.37
8 - 1.37

chocolate soymilk
grit tofu
sprouted grain bagel
vega wfo w/coconut water & ground flax
jerk tempeh
swiss chard fritata
Oven roasted Potatoes

shins still sore but heel is pretty decent.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

taper time

shins sore from yesterdays box jumps. Good thing I wasn't running but rowing today. Did my stretching and exercises and then a 200 meter warmup row followed by 2 x 400 meters approx 80 percent RPE
1 - 1:50
2- 1:46

Did another set of stretching and exercises in the evening. Slept well last night and woke up with good energy but tired during the day again. I really hope it is the nsaids that are making so tired all day. I don't really feel bad I just feel like I could take a nap which is something i almost never feel like doing. doing as much icing as possible and the heel actually feels kinda decent today. Probably because I haven't run on it in a few days.

vega sport performance protein with oj
tempeh bacon
vega wfo w.coconut water and ground flax
guacamole with steamed broccoli and lime corn crackers
grit tofu
bell peppers stuff with mango salsa, Kidney Beans & brown Rice
Peanut Butter

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

last ones

got my pre-race massage this morning. I find out how really sore I am in places when I get worked on. I was tired today. Too many night of not enough sleep. I have to shut it down and get back on schedule starting tonight. Im sure the anti inflammatories are making me tired too. I try to avoid drugs as much as possible because they always make me feel so bad.
last couple of workouts before the big taper
stretches and exercises for the heel.
Standing Broad Jumps
Abmat Situps

5 minute warmup on trainer then
9 minutes on, 3 minutes off, 6 minutes on, 2 minutes off, 3 minutes on. Really worked hard trying to train my legs to just keep pushing the hard gears.
stretches and exercises for the heel

tempeh bacon
vega wfo w/coconut water
peanut butter
teriyaki tofu, brown rice, veggies
guacamole with lime corn crackers
slice of vegan pizza
vega performance protein w.orange juice

my hand feels much better today. although my heel still hurts. actually both of my lower legs, feet hurt today.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Its all about the heel

Did my exercises and stretches from the doctor for equinus this morning. then warmed up with a 5 minute ride before hitting 30 minutes of 1 minute on 1 minute off on the trainer with my bike. It hurt from rep one. I am just not used to pushing a hard gear that long. Heart racing, sweat pouring good stuff. I am impressed the trainer can hurt so much.

It's a taper week so im not going towards max loads. Did backsquats working up to 80 percent of my 1 rep max. air squats x 40, 45x10, 95 x 5, 115 x 3, then one rep each at 125 130 135 140 145 150 155.

I picked up a pair of new sneakers tonight to baby my foot in. They are asics Gel Nimbus. I know they won't solve the problem but hopefully they help the pain a little. I also grabbed a race belt.

So my results from the tri I did this weekend were posted


750 SWIM TIME - 16:06
T1 - 1:33
T2 - 1:29

I am happy with my swim time as it is the best Ive done yet. Which is good for my confidence in the water. I  still think I could do better I just have to be even more aggressive with it. I thought I was faster than that on the bike. Normally I can avg 20mph if im cooking it. so 3 - 4 min miles and my mile times were much higher. I am not sure if it was becuase of the hills or becuase I was riding without my splint on with a hand injury or maybe just from the rain. Hoping my biking goes better this weekend. my run time was horrible for me but I am pretty sure that is from the heel spurs. It just hurts so much to run lately I like just trot along. I still want to get through the rest of my races even if my run times are slow just for the experience and then hopefully once I heal up my running will improve. Nice sure how the T- times were. I tried to do my best on those.  

My hand has been feeling better so I started doing things with it lately (While the splint is on) and it's been kinda sore today so I need to back off of that. My heel still really hurts even with the drugs and the stretched and the ice etc.  Not getting enough sleep the last couple of nights. I need to correct this. Going for my pre-race massage tomorrow!

vega wfo w/coconut water
sprouted grain bagel
peanut butter
teriyaki tofu & veggies, brown rice
Thai Green Curry with tofu, veggies and rice

Monday, August 16, 2010

dr loveless

I didn't sleep all that well last night. i expected to be more tired. Got myself to bed on time but was up earlier than usual. A little tight when I first got up but nothing more significiant than I would get from a CF workout. Hit the pool. Did my warmup and drills. Then put a tshirt on and did a warmup 50 just to get used to the t shirt and hit a 500TT with the t-shirt on. took 10.21. This is a good improvement over last time I did this workout both timewise and in the way I felt while doing it. I didn't feel as if I was fighting as much to just keep swimming this time around.

4 rounds of
row 200 meters
20 box jumps @ 24 inches
15 ghd situps
lost the time becuase I never stopped my watch. I think it was 11 something.

I went to the foot doctor and not much to report. I've got stretched and exercises to do, more icing, an rx anti-inflmmatory drug, my night splint, gel pads. Then I think I am going to get new sneakers, and only wear them as much as possible. Of course he wants me to do no running. I am still going to do the races but not run otherwise. I go back in a week. He wouldn't even discuss surgery at this point and said a cortizone shot wouldn't help yet. That I need to work myself back to a place where it can be effective. I was really frustrated when I got out of there and not happy with the way the appt went. I am not sure if i am going to go back next week or go to another doctor. I tried to explain to him that I have already being doing these things and I think I need more aggressive treatment but he wants me to do it his way first and then we can talk about other options when he sees this doesn't work. His whole thing was that running on it stops it from ever healing up so everything that I have been doing is just keeping it somewhat manageable. He also wanted to try orthotics. Ive had them before and I swear they make my feet hurt when I run in them. I am going to take a few days to think about all of it.

chocolate soymilk
sprouted grain bagel
tempeh bacon
vega wfo w/coconut water
enchiladas with tofu, black beans, veggies
peanut butter
thai salad
thai tofu and veggies over brown rice

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Race Report - Barracuda Tri

Today's tri went well. I was excited to do the race this morning instead of nervous like last time. Didn't feel much like eating so I had some vega sport with coconut water and half a bagel i forced myself to eat and got out the door with all of my tri stuff. Got there with enough time to check in, setup and warmup so no issues there. It was a wetsuit legal race. I decided to go without taping my hand or wearing my splint. Yes I know Im a bad girl. It just too cumbersome so I just tried to be careful. I felt like the swim went well! It was definitely the most agressive open water swimming I did yet. The distance was a short 750 so I just went for it. I think my sighting was the best it's been yet. I caught some of the wave that went off about 6 minutes ahead of us and I think I was in the beginning of my wave getting out of the water!!!! wetsuit came off without any real problems. Headed out on the bike and it began to rain and it rained the entire rest of the day here. Some serious downpours, where when the rain hits you it feels like hail. The bike course was tough! Even though it was only a 17 mile course it was really hilly and I was hurting from the beginning. At first I thought it was because I pushed it on the swim but it was just a lot of climbing. The rain didn't help the situation because when I did get some downhills it was hard to take advantage of them especially since they were curvy winding country roads and had at least 2 - 180 degree turns as well as some other lesser turns off of them. So I put a good bike workout in! My legs were hurting, my heart was thumping, labored breathing but I pushed through. I managed not to crash my bike which was a good thing. Got back to T2 and everything was just soaked! Didn't bother to put my wet socks one just ran with my wet sneakers. Heel hurt on the run. some hills but nothing near the bike course. Both lower legs felt really tight on the run. Overall time was 2:12. Got 4th in my age group. Curious to see the breakout. legs hurt after the race and didn't have much of an appetite for awhile. But overall I feel pretty good now. I posted pix on facebook if anyone wants to check them out, just look me up.

vega sport w/coconut water
half bagel
gatorade on race course (haven't had this in a long long long time didn't feel too)
carob mint date coconut water agave sea salt dulse coconut oil recovery drink
slice-vegan pizza
vega wfo w/coconut water
2 waffles - maple syrup
tempeh bacon - not much couldn't stomach it
guacamole w/ lime corn crackers & steamed broccoli

headed to the foot dr tomorrow morning. I felt pretty good coming off this race for wilkes-barre tri next weekend. I've used that lake for open water training swims, I've biked the course and I know there are not that many serious hills and  I've done part of the run course in a race before. From the parts ive seen there are some hills to deal with but reasonable ones. The big difference I think will be the number of participants. 

Saturday, August 14, 2010

getting ready to race

woke up feeling great today. Wish the race was today instead of tomorrow but I guess I can wait! I just hope I feel this good tomorrow! Went to the pool warmup and drills then 20 minutes with 3 - 25yard sprints. I decided to not tape my hand when swimming today just to see how it felt. it was ok no major issues. Came home and did a 20 minute easy ride on my bike. some of it with the splint on but most of it without it! :) just to see if I can. Good news  - it is much easier to shift and brake the bike without. Easier to ride in general. Bad news when I got done I did feel like there was some swelling etc. from it. Not sure what I am going to do tomorrow. Honestly I want to not wear it and just hope for the best. But it isn;t really healed yet so the safer thing to do might be to wear it.  I do think I could make it through the race with it on. Then again I also think I could make it through the race faster without it.  Practiced my T2 Transition 10 times. 1 time - bike fell over. 2nd time forgot  to take helmet off.  Then I did well for awhile until rep 10 when I forgot to put my helmet on to ride. Just a reminder I need to think about all of it still.  The race tomorrow is a sprint distance. 750 lake swim, 17 mile bike and a 5k. Curious to see how it's all going to shake out. Im pretty excited for it! With any luck my race report will not be as full of distaster as the anthracite one was.

sprouted grain bagel
chocolate soymilk
2 whole grain waffles
tempeh bacon
 peanut butter

Friday, August 13, 2010

friday the 13th!

Did two short but painful workouts today. Warmed up for about 10 minutes on the trainer then did bike tabata on the trainer. 20 on 10 off for 8 rounds. Painful from round 2 on! Good stuff though. Then 30 goblet sqauts with a 44 lb kettlebell. time 1:41.

chocolate soymilk
vega wfo. w/coconut water
tempeh bacon
peanut butter
grit tofu
Brown Rice & vegetables
Dark Chocolate Covered Raisins

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Feeling ( except for the heel)

It felt so good to hit the water again this morning! it seems like its been a long time. I loved being back in the pool. surprisingly my legs were sore from yesterdays endeavor but my shoulder were. Only felt the calves a little but when pushing off the wall. warmup and drills then 3 x 300 yds on 1 min rest.
1 - 5:56
2 -5:45
3 - 5:48 - clipped Jeff, who I was sharing a lane with. thankfully it was the good hand

2 rounds of
Row 500 meters
25 abmat situps

time 5:59

I loved this workout! Overall just felt really good today. Getting enough rest, eating well. Now if only my heel didn't hurt. Still hitting the ibu, icing, rolling, splinting, stretching etc.  It all helps but nothing is really making it go away. 

Chocolate Soymilk
Tempeh Bacon
Maple Peanut Butter
VEGA wfo w/coconut water
Teriyaki Tofu, Brown Rice and Veggies
Vega Vibranacy Bar
Over roasted Potatoes

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm only going to the top of the hill!

Slept 9 hours last night!!!! It's been a long time since that happened. I really want to commit to getting to bed early all month since im racing every weekend. Had the Giants Despair 1 mile hillclimb run tonight. It was in the 90s and hot compared to the last time I ran this at 6am. Always a tough hill no matter the time or temp. It features over 600 feet of climbing in less than a mile with the last .25 mile being a 22% grade. as if you were not already tired from the first .75.  Anyway it is a great hill and this picture is of some people that came out from my crossfit box to hit the hill! Everyone made it up! It took me 14:03 which is 55 seconds faster than last time. Im happy but I know I can still do better. My steps get so short and choppy like i am not even running or moving for that matter. taking care of the feet all day. that climb def made the foot hurt but it was fun. Going stay on it so they are as good as possible for race day. Did a 30 minute easy spin tonight after climbing the giant!

chocolate soymilk
tempeh bacon
vega wfo w/coconut water
peanut butter
grit tofu
roasted vegetable pizza

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

heel spurs :(

Got a good night of sleep last night. 8ish hours. got up without an alarm, that always feels good. I need to make it happen more! Did some rolling and stretching. Warmup about 6 minutes on the bike then a 20 minute time trial. Legs were still a little sore from the work i've put in recently but this was my only workout for today so they are feeling better already.  Hitting the ice as much as possible as well as the ibu. Heel still hurts though.  Here is the xray of my heel spurs. there are two, on plantar and one dorsal. they measure 6mm each. They kinda look like little devil horns rocking my foot! going to a podatrist on monday to see what he thinks. Feel like I ate a bunch today too. Tomorrow is the giants despair hill climb race. Will def be hard, but fun too.

Chocolate Soymilk
white chocolate peanut butter
Tempeh Bacon
Teriyaki Tofu & veggies,BrownRice
VEGA WFO w.coconut water

Monday, August 9, 2010

Eagleman check

not enough sleep last night. need to get back on a good schedule. hand feels ok after the ride yesterday. legs a little tired from the cf wod yesterday. on trainer 10 minutes on 5 minutes off, 10 minutes on 4 off, 10 on 3 off, 10 on 2 off, 10 on 1 off, 10 on. Legs were feeling the pain. also backsquats 5 x 135, 5 x 145, 5 x 150, 5 x 155, 5 x 145 - dropped weight because the last rep of the last set was crap depth wise and the 4th rep was just ok. 5 x 135, dropped weight because reps 4 and 5 were rough on the last set. 3 x135 - took video to watch the depth. legs sore. on the ibu for my foot, stretching and splinting it when possible. Felt better today than it did the last couple off days. Also started trying to walk around in my sneakers more instead of barefoot or in flip flops. I think that is helping too.

ate a ton of food today

chocolate soymilk
bagel w peanut butter
vega wfo w/coconut water
tofu, black bean, veggie enchiladas
white chocolate peanut butter
grit tofu and asparagus

officially registered for my first half ironman for next season. The eagleman 70.3 in maryland on june 12th. Looking for another half ironman in august most likely it's going to be timberman as i'm having issues finding another one closer to pa that works date wise for my schedule. but i do have some more time to look.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

wb tri bike course

rode the wb tri bike course this morning. plus a few extra wamrup cool down miles. So glad Igot the chance to ride the course before the race. It features some nice downhill riding early on and the climbs are not too serious. It has some nice stretches where I can pick up some speed.  Tried to really work on fueling today. I consciously made an effort to eat more to feel better.  My foot has been especially sore the last two days. Not sure why As I haven't run since friday. Maybe I am not as good at ignoring the pain anymore. Really going to try to get on it this week for the upcoming races this month. I took some ibuprofen tonight to try to help with that. Of course icing and stretching. Night splinting as much as possible. Tough CF wod tonight.. 4 x 100 meters of walking lunges, 25 abmat situps and 25 squats all while wearing a 20 lb weight vest.Time 23:12 At times I thought I was going to puke. I am not sure if it was from the heat outside with the weight vest on or just hitting the legs hard. My abs are still a little sore from the ghds earlier in the week so it will be interesting to see how they feel after this. I did this at a track and I literally laid on the ground for awhile afterwards because I didn't know if i could walk to the car in the parking lot my legs were smoked! I thought my legs were recovered from the morning bike ride by the time I did this but they were not fresh for sure.

vega wfo w/ coconut water
tempeh bacon
2 waffles
sprouted grain bagel

Chocolate covered raisins
Stuffed Pepper
Chocolate Soymilk

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Open Water 1 mile swim race

Open water swim race went well. Did a 1 mile swim in 35:27 which was good enough for 3rd place in my age group. Clearly the real swimmers were entered in the 2 mile race that went off at the same time for me to actually place. It was so much fun though. This was the nicest lake i've ever seen. you could see right through the water. no weeds, wasn't gross at all. you could see the fish you were swimming with. I would swim here all the time if I could. It was an in water start but because it went off with the two It was really congested. I actually got caught swimming over the swim line for the start. There was a decent amount of contact all the way through the first couple of buoys. Initially just not enough room then from people just breaking into breast stroke. I have no idea why you would need to do this that early in a race but whatever. I don't really mind getting kicked but the elbow to the face had me drinking some lake water. I definitely swam some extra yardage as my sighting wasn't that great. I felt like the buoys were so far apart and there were not many of them so I just trying to keep swimming at them. I actually had a kayaker redirect me once as I was getting offline. I need to improve my swimming so much from the sighting to the technique. I never felt tired even when I was done but I just don't feel like I swim well. I more feel like I am in good enough shape to muddle through it somehow. I took a banana and vega shape for post race food. Had a vega bar in the car but I had a headache by the time I got home. Not enough food/water. I am going to have to start bringing most food with me to this kind of stuff. I felt crappy til after I ate. Then I couldn't get my bike on my trainer tonight so I missed my bike workout. I am going to ride a tri course I have for a race in a couple of weeks early tomorrow morning.

vega wfo w.coconut water
vega vibrnacy bar
dark chocolate peanut butter
grit tofu
mango, pineapple, peach smoothie w vega vibrnacy bar
waffle and tempeh bacon

Friday, August 6, 2010

It's on!

got some good news on the hand today. the splint is working so I don't need a permanent cast on which is basically saving the rest of my racing season.  I have to wear it for 3 more weeks and then head back to the docs.  I will tape my hand to swim but not sure how I am going to deal with the split/bike situation yet. I have time to figure that our though. The Doc said it's ok to race as long as I wear the splint. I've taken some heat on this subject today. Why do I want to race in a comprised state? Because that's life and I can. Simple enough? It's been recommended to me to just scrap the rest of the tris for the season and start again next yet but I see no reason to do it. yes racing with the splint on isn't ideal. I completely understand that but how often in life do things go exactly as you want them to. It's easy to play with things are going your way but it's the times where it not going your way that you learn and improve. I also understand that I probably won't do as well racing this way as I would if I didn't have the injury. It's true but I don't see that as a reason to throw in the towel. I would still rather go out and get the experience and enjoy the races then sit here thinking I wonder what it would have been like? It's better to regret something you did than something you didn't do. So i've signed up for another tri this season. why? because I like to train and I want to race. The ortho referred me to a podatrist for the heel spurs. He doesn't want to treat it. I got an appointment in a week. Foot hurt on my run this morning and pretty much the rest of the day. My abs are also super sore. even to the touch. I figured out it is all of the GHD situps Ive done this week. I havent been doing them the last couple months so im back to feeling them. Ran about 10 minutes to the base of a hill. then did 3 x 4 minute hill running. Then moved to the neighboring street and ran that hill 2 x 4 minutes before running home another ten minutes. Crossfit wod was 3 rounds of row 500 meters, 30 box jumps @ 24 inches and 30 back extensions. time 18:59 Food was off a bit again today. didn't have much of an appetite until after the doctors. I was anxious about the situation.

chocolate soymilk
dark chocolate peanut butter
vega wfo w/coconut water
vega vibrnacy bar
tofu ravioli

early to bed tonight. Doing a 1 mile open water swim race tomorrow morning. I expect to be one of the slowest people there as it most likely will be swimmers but as long as i get a good workout ill be fine with it. Just want to get in some more open water racing experience and it will most likely be a fun time too.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


weird day. super tired when the alarm went off so I went back to bed until I had to get up and go to work. I almost never do something like that. Felt really strange all morning. I was having trouble breathing. My ribs hurt especially on the left and I had a headache. Just was tired and miserable. Went to the bike shop and picked up a CycleOps Fluid2 trainer and a black bento box. Also picked up some gels for my hopefully upcoming races. Then headed over to crossfit and did 5 rounds of 20 backsquats @95lbs and 20 GHD situps. Afterwards my left hand was numb for a really long time.I think I must have injured something and whatever was bothering me in the morning was now worse. But as the day went on I felt better. Hooked up bike to the trainer for my maiden voyage and that was a fugazi operation.I really hope the learning curve is in effect for that. Did 3 rounds of 1min on 1 min off, 2 min on 2 min off, 3 min on 3 min off. It was harder than I expected it to be. I wasn't anticipating that kind of resistance. Worked up a nice sweat. I love being able to cycle while rocking out with Fugazi. Food was kinda light today probably because I wasn't feeling well so I wasn't really hungry. looking into some races for next season.

vega wfo w/coconut water
roasted vegetable pizza
darkchocolate peanut butter
vega performance protein, banana, orange, mango and pineapple smoothie

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


its been a long rough day today. start with a 3 mile warmup ride to my 5 x 1 mile hill repeats. These were rough but I suffered through them. Hard on my hand, my legs and pretty much everything in between. 3 mile cooldown ride back home. then 75 squats with the lovely looking 20 lb weight vest im wearing in this picture  - 1:52

chocolate soymilk
dark chocolate peanut butter
sesame stick
tofu, brown rice and veggies  x2
thai salad

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I don't care what it takes

put in some good workouts today so the darkness is going away.
swim warmup and drills then 4 x 500 on 20 seconds
1 - 10:24
2 - 10:08
3 - 9:50
4 - 9:45
kinda happy with these times. I felt really good swimming today. I was trying to push myself more even if i died in the water and I never bonked out. I actually got faster. I need to get more confident in my swimming and go for it more.

cf wod - 3 rounds of 500 meter row, 50 situps, 50 squats - 16:07 - effort felt really good on this one too!

chocolate soymilk
vegan pizza
dark chocolate almonds
dark chocolate peanut butter
vega wfo w.coconut water
sesame stick
tofu, brown rice, veggies stir fry

the only energy zapper is people telling me how I should just let these injuries heal and not train for awhile or race the rest of the season. I know they mean well but I just hate hearing it. If they choose to do that with their life that's fine for them. It isn't me though. I'm so lucky to have Jay who understands the situation and is willing to just work around it.Gotta look into a trainer for my bike.

Monday, August 2, 2010

what im up against

so ive been kinda down lately having to deal with some minor injuries. I have been really good about wearing the hand splint but I honestly hate it and I would love to not have to wear it anymore. It is just an annoyance. Im dealing the best I can since it was the least I could ask for out of my options to treat the hand. The heel spur on the other hand is just painful. It has developed into a new stage where it is throbbing occasionally now. It really has been affecting my running and therefore my mood. I hate not being able to train full throttle between the foot and hand. I know i should be happy I am training at all and most of the time I am because I am trying to do what I can do and I cant ask much more of myself but I feel so much better when I know I put forth my best effort and can I really call what I am doing right now my best effort? Ive been doing some online research about the heel spur and ive seen things saying its plantar fasciaitus and not the bone deposit that is causing the pain. Therefore surgery is not really necessary. Ive been considering getting a cortizone shot even though I am mostly against the idea because it isn't fixing anything it is just helping me to deal with the pain. I have never been a fan of treating symptoms instead of fixing the cause. so ive been in my own head about this lately trying to decide what to do. honestly I think it is draining my energy. early to bed tonight!

today's workouts

swim - 100 warmup and 100 of catchup, switch and drag
25 x 25 with mid pool start on 10 seconds. I forgot my watch so I don't know what the times were. I just used the wall clock for the rest. I think I actually did more like 30 because I was losing count of the reps so I just kept doing another one.

5 rounds of
10 back squats @ 95lbs with shoulder grip
25 abmat situps
time - 7:29

vega sport w.coconut water
banana, peach, pineapple, Orange, vega performance protein with coconut water
vega wfo w/coconut water
enchiladas with tofu, black beans, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers

hummus w. lime corn crackers
slice vegan pizza

Sunday, August 1, 2010

nice jugs

I used my fuel belt for the first time today. I really didn't want to take it but it was humid here today so my husband talked me into it. His nice jugs comment just made me laugh because the fuel belt looks kinda ridiculous but he was right and i was thankful to have it when I was out running. I was hitting it about every 15 minutes and I actually ran out of water! only took 2 probably should have used all 4 bottles. So does it bounce around or do I not have it on tight enough? As I drained the water it moved less so I am assuming it was on correctly. I had a 10 mile run that took me 1:49:40 to complete. Sigh, slower than last time! I went to bed really late last night after coming home from nyc so I slept a lot later then I normally do and I went out to run much later than normal. My ankle has been feeling wrong the last two days. Almost like something is out of place. I did a good amount of stretching before I headed out. My heel hurt as soon as I started. After a mile or so I got used to it or it relaxed a bit. Around mile 4 my feet started to go numb. Not sure why this is happening.  Mile 7 started feeling like work. The last two miles I just had to gut out. My foot was killing me and I just wanted to be done with it. I just don't feel good about my running recently. The only good thing about today's workout was I got it done. 

Sprouted grain bagel
Vega wfo w/coconut water


30 mile bike plus a 1 mile run - time 2.12.06. legs were a little sore when I started probably from the cf wod on friday. It felt so good to be back on my bike after not riding it for a full week! My handling is getting better even though I am still riding in weird positions because of the splint. I basically don't get down over the bike at all but at least i am on the bike. I was able to drink on the bike without stopping but I decided to stop to eat my gels and salt because I could probably manage it but at this point I just do not need any more injuries.  I only had 4 gels so i just took them with salt every 30 minutes without any issues. I was trying to drink about every 15 minutes and I still felt a little dehydrated especially when i got off the bike to run I felt a little out of  it. I only went through 1 bottle even though I had 2 on the bike. My legs hurt for the pretty much the whole mile run. I didn't really sleep well all week and with being away my diet suffered a bit too. Mostly I don;t think I was eating enough. I had a vega shake and some peanut butter for breakfast. Usually a vega bar on the beach and then tofu, veggies and brown rice for dinner. It doesn't really sound that different I just think I needed more quantity.  wasn't drinking enough for sure while I was away.  I need to get back on schedule now. Spent the day in nyc today. While I miss living there I do not miss the traffic. My legs were pretty sure on the car ride out to the city but once we got there I felt fine.

tempeh bacon
sprouted grain bagel
vega wfo w/coconut water
mexican tofu, sauteed greens, brown rice and beans wrap w/ pineapple salad (mmm candle cafe!)
2 chickpea potato pancakes (angelica's kitchen)
nectarines w/almond crema

i forgot to take a pic so here is one of me in angelica kitchen in nyc.