Thursday, August 12, 2010

Good Feeling ( except for the heel)

It felt so good to hit the water again this morning! it seems like its been a long time. I loved being back in the pool. surprisingly my legs were sore from yesterdays endeavor but my shoulder were. Only felt the calves a little but when pushing off the wall. warmup and drills then 3 x 300 yds on 1 min rest.
1 - 5:56
2 -5:45
3 - 5:48 - clipped Jeff, who I was sharing a lane with. thankfully it was the good hand

2 rounds of
Row 500 meters
25 abmat situps

time 5:59

I loved this workout! Overall just felt really good today. Getting enough rest, eating well. Now if only my heel didn't hurt. Still hitting the ibu, icing, rolling, splinting, stretching etc.  It all helps but nothing is really making it go away. 

Chocolate Soymilk
Tempeh Bacon
Maple Peanut Butter
VEGA wfo w/coconut water
Teriyaki Tofu, Brown Rice and Veggies
Vega Vibranacy Bar
Over roasted Potatoes

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