Tuesday, August 10, 2010

heel spurs :(

Got a good night of sleep last night. 8ish hours. got up without an alarm, that always feels good. I need to make it happen more! Did some rolling and stretching. Warmup about 6 minutes on the bike then a 20 minute time trial. Legs were still a little sore from the work i've put in recently but this was my only workout for today so they are feeling better already.  Hitting the ice as much as possible as well as the ibu. Heel still hurts though.  Here is the xray of my heel spurs. there are two, on plantar and one dorsal. they measure 6mm each. They kinda look like little devil horns rocking my foot! going to a podatrist on monday to see what he thinks. Feel like I ate a bunch today too. Tomorrow is the giants despair hill climb race. Will def be hard, but fun too.

Chocolate Soymilk
white chocolate peanut butter
Tempeh Bacon
Teriyaki Tofu & veggies,BrownRice
VEGA WFO w.coconut water


  1. Hope the Dr. can help. Keep on going!

  2. Hi there, how is your heel now? Did anything help?
    I´ve had that for more than 6 months ....... makes me crazy! Abi (Slovakia)