Monday, August 30, 2010

really good

that's how I am feeling. Really good. Not tired or sore today. I am kinda surprised by that but I am not at all complaining. I love it! I really didn;t sleep well last night so I expected to be tired today but it wasn't the case. I don't know if it is because I did so much better pre-race wise or maybe I am getting stronger at this stuff? or maybe I just didn't go hard enough.

Hit the pool this morning. 100 warmup and 500 of drills. another 100. Then 2 x 200 all out.

1 - 3.47 - missed the wall on all but 1 flip turn. they were ugly.
2 - 4.51 - thinking so much about my turns not thinking enough about how many laps I was doing. There were some extra.

Chocolate Soymilk
Chocolate Chip Pancake
VEGA WFO w/coconut water & ground flax
Pad Thai w/roasted asparagus, corn & broccoli
Chocolate Almonds
Tempeh Scrambled with red bell peppers, onions & spinach

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