Sunday, August 8, 2010

wb tri bike course

rode the wb tri bike course this morning. plus a few extra wamrup cool down miles. So glad Igot the chance to ride the course before the race. It features some nice downhill riding early on and the climbs are not too serious. It has some nice stretches where I can pick up some speed.  Tried to really work on fueling today. I consciously made an effort to eat more to feel better.  My foot has been especially sore the last two days. Not sure why As I haven't run since friday. Maybe I am not as good at ignoring the pain anymore. Really going to try to get on it this week for the upcoming races this month. I took some ibuprofen tonight to try to help with that. Of course icing and stretching. Night splinting as much as possible. Tough CF wod tonight.. 4 x 100 meters of walking lunges, 25 abmat situps and 25 squats all while wearing a 20 lb weight vest.Time 23:12 At times I thought I was going to puke. I am not sure if it was from the heat outside with the weight vest on or just hitting the legs hard. My abs are still a little sore from the ghds earlier in the week so it will be interesting to see how they feel after this. I did this at a track and I literally laid on the ground for awhile afterwards because I didn't know if i could walk to the car in the parking lot my legs were smoked! I thought my legs were recovered from the morning bike ride by the time I did this but they were not fresh for sure.

vega wfo w/ coconut water
tempeh bacon
2 waffles
sprouted grain bagel

Chocolate covered raisins
Stuffed Pepper
Chocolate Soymilk

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