Monday, August 2, 2010

what im up against

so ive been kinda down lately having to deal with some minor injuries. I have been really good about wearing the hand splint but I honestly hate it and I would love to not have to wear it anymore. It is just an annoyance. Im dealing the best I can since it was the least I could ask for out of my options to treat the hand. The heel spur on the other hand is just painful. It has developed into a new stage where it is throbbing occasionally now. It really has been affecting my running and therefore my mood. I hate not being able to train full throttle between the foot and hand. I know i should be happy I am training at all and most of the time I am because I am trying to do what I can do and I cant ask much more of myself but I feel so much better when I know I put forth my best effort and can I really call what I am doing right now my best effort? Ive been doing some online research about the heel spur and ive seen things saying its plantar fasciaitus and not the bone deposit that is causing the pain. Therefore surgery is not really necessary. Ive been considering getting a cortizone shot even though I am mostly against the idea because it isn't fixing anything it is just helping me to deal with the pain. I have never been a fan of treating symptoms instead of fixing the cause. so ive been in my own head about this lately trying to decide what to do. honestly I think it is draining my energy. early to bed tonight!

today's workouts

swim - 100 warmup and 100 of catchup, switch and drag
25 x 25 with mid pool start on 10 seconds. I forgot my watch so I don't know what the times were. I just used the wall clock for the rest. I think I actually did more like 30 because I was losing count of the reps so I just kept doing another one.

5 rounds of
10 back squats @ 95lbs with shoulder grip
25 abmat situps
time - 7:29

vega sport w.coconut water
banana, peach, pineapple, Orange, vega performance protein with coconut water
vega wfo w/coconut water
enchiladas with tofu, black beans, zucchini, tomatoes and peppers

hummus w. lime corn crackers
slice vegan pizza

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  1. I understand that coconut water is better than sports, energy and isotonic drinks...