Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I don't care what it takes

put in some good workouts today so the darkness is going away.
swim warmup and drills then 4 x 500 on 20 seconds
1 - 10:24
2 - 10:08
3 - 9:50
4 - 9:45
kinda happy with these times. I felt really good swimming today. I was trying to push myself more even if i died in the water and I never bonked out. I actually got faster. I need to get more confident in my swimming and go for it more.

cf wod - 3 rounds of 500 meter row, 50 situps, 50 squats - 16:07 - effort felt really good on this one too!

chocolate soymilk
vegan pizza
dark chocolate almonds
dark chocolate peanut butter
vega wfo w.coconut water
sesame stick
tofu, brown rice, veggies stir fry

the only energy zapper is people telling me how I should just let these injuries heal and not train for awhile or race the rest of the season. I know they mean well but I just hate hearing it. If they choose to do that with their life that's fine for them. It isn't me though. I'm so lucky to have Jay who understands the situation and is willing to just work around it.Gotta look into a trainer for my bike.

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