Sunday, August 1, 2010


30 mile bike plus a 1 mile run - time 2.12.06. legs were a little sore when I started probably from the cf wod on friday. It felt so good to be back on my bike after not riding it for a full week! My handling is getting better even though I am still riding in weird positions because of the splint. I basically don't get down over the bike at all but at least i am on the bike. I was able to drink on the bike without stopping but I decided to stop to eat my gels and salt because I could probably manage it but at this point I just do not need any more injuries.  I only had 4 gels so i just took them with salt every 30 minutes without any issues. I was trying to drink about every 15 minutes and I still felt a little dehydrated especially when i got off the bike to run I felt a little out of  it. I only went through 1 bottle even though I had 2 on the bike. My legs hurt for the pretty much the whole mile run. I didn't really sleep well all week and with being away my diet suffered a bit too. Mostly I don;t think I was eating enough. I had a vega shake and some peanut butter for breakfast. Usually a vega bar on the beach and then tofu, veggies and brown rice for dinner. It doesn't really sound that different I just think I needed more quantity.  wasn't drinking enough for sure while I was away.  I need to get back on schedule now. Spent the day in nyc today. While I miss living there I do not miss the traffic. My legs were pretty sure on the car ride out to the city but once we got there I felt fine.

tempeh bacon
sprouted grain bagel
vega wfo w/coconut water
mexican tofu, sauteed greens, brown rice and beans wrap w/ pineapple salad (mmm candle cafe!)
2 chickpea potato pancakes (angelica's kitchen)
nectarines w/almond crema

i forgot to take a pic so here is one of me in angelica kitchen in nyc.

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