Sunday, August 15, 2010

Race Report - Barracuda Tri

Today's tri went well. I was excited to do the race this morning instead of nervous like last time. Didn't feel much like eating so I had some vega sport with coconut water and half a bagel i forced myself to eat and got out the door with all of my tri stuff. Got there with enough time to check in, setup and warmup so no issues there. It was a wetsuit legal race. I decided to go without taping my hand or wearing my splint. Yes I know Im a bad girl. It just too cumbersome so I just tried to be careful. I felt like the swim went well! It was definitely the most agressive open water swimming I did yet. The distance was a short 750 so I just went for it. I think my sighting was the best it's been yet. I caught some of the wave that went off about 6 minutes ahead of us and I think I was in the beginning of my wave getting out of the water!!!! wetsuit came off without any real problems. Headed out on the bike and it began to rain and it rained the entire rest of the day here. Some serious downpours, where when the rain hits you it feels like hail. The bike course was tough! Even though it was only a 17 mile course it was really hilly and I was hurting from the beginning. At first I thought it was because I pushed it on the swim but it was just a lot of climbing. The rain didn't help the situation because when I did get some downhills it was hard to take advantage of them especially since they were curvy winding country roads and had at least 2 - 180 degree turns as well as some other lesser turns off of them. So I put a good bike workout in! My legs were hurting, my heart was thumping, labored breathing but I pushed through. I managed not to crash my bike which was a good thing. Got back to T2 and everything was just soaked! Didn't bother to put my wet socks one just ran with my wet sneakers. Heel hurt on the run. some hills but nothing near the bike course. Both lower legs felt really tight on the run. Overall time was 2:12. Got 4th in my age group. Curious to see the breakout. legs hurt after the race and didn't have much of an appetite for awhile. But overall I feel pretty good now. I posted pix on facebook if anyone wants to check them out, just look me up.

vega sport w/coconut water
half bagel
gatorade on race course (haven't had this in a long long long time didn't feel too)
carob mint date coconut water agave sea salt dulse coconut oil recovery drink
slice-vegan pizza
vega wfo w/coconut water
2 waffles - maple syrup
tempeh bacon - not much couldn't stomach it
guacamole w/ lime corn crackers & steamed broccoli

headed to the foot dr tomorrow morning. I felt pretty good coming off this race for wilkes-barre tri next weekend. I've used that lake for open water training swims, I've biked the course and I know there are not that many serious hills and  I've done part of the run course in a race before. From the parts ive seen there are some hills to deal with but reasonable ones. The big difference I think will be the number of participants.