Saturday, August 14, 2010

getting ready to race

woke up feeling great today. Wish the race was today instead of tomorrow but I guess I can wait! I just hope I feel this good tomorrow! Went to the pool warmup and drills then 20 minutes with 3 - 25yard sprints. I decided to not tape my hand when swimming today just to see how it felt. it was ok no major issues. Came home and did a 20 minute easy ride on my bike. some of it with the splint on but most of it without it! :) just to see if I can. Good news  - it is much easier to shift and brake the bike without. Easier to ride in general. Bad news when I got done I did feel like there was some swelling etc. from it. Not sure what I am going to do tomorrow. Honestly I want to not wear it and just hope for the best. But it isn;t really healed yet so the safer thing to do might be to wear it.  I do think I could make it through the race with it on. Then again I also think I could make it through the race faster without it.  Practiced my T2 Transition 10 times. 1 time - bike fell over. 2nd time forgot  to take helmet off.  Then I did well for awhile until rep 10 when I forgot to put my helmet on to ride. Just a reminder I need to think about all of it still.  The race tomorrow is a sprint distance. 750 lake swim, 17 mile bike and a 5k. Curious to see how it's all going to shake out. Im pretty excited for it! With any luck my race report will not be as full of distaster as the anthracite one was.

sprouted grain bagel
chocolate soymilk
2 whole grain waffles
tempeh bacon
 peanut butter

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