Wednesday, August 18, 2010

last ones

got my pre-race massage this morning. I find out how really sore I am in places when I get worked on. I was tired today. Too many night of not enough sleep. I have to shut it down and get back on schedule starting tonight. Im sure the anti inflammatories are making me tired too. I try to avoid drugs as much as possible because they always make me feel so bad.
last couple of workouts before the big taper
stretches and exercises for the heel.
Standing Broad Jumps
Abmat Situps

5 minute warmup on trainer then
9 minutes on, 3 minutes off, 6 minutes on, 2 minutes off, 3 minutes on. Really worked hard trying to train my legs to just keep pushing the hard gears.
stretches and exercises for the heel

tempeh bacon
vega wfo w/coconut water
peanut butter
teriyaki tofu, brown rice, veggies
guacamole with lime corn crackers
slice of vegan pizza
vega performance protein juice

my hand feels much better today. although my heel still hurts. actually both of my lower legs, feet hurt today.

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