Saturday, August 28, 2010

Ready 2 Rock Riverstock!

the preparations are done. time to rest and rock the riverstock tri tomorrow. This is the best I've done so far with getting myself ready to roll. Did my carb loading and hydration.  Took a 30 minute easy ride today with 3 - 20 second pickups. Washed Stefan and got him race ready. Hair is braided and tri stuff is packed. Car is loaded and I love it! It was a long day getting it all ready but this is the earliest Ive ever been ready for a race so that is a good sign! The weather looks great for riverstock tomorrow. This is going so well I am almost waiting for something to go wrong. Like what did I forgot, etc. That's the main difference between things going well or not. When things are going wrong your so busy dealing with what went wrong you don't have time to think. When things go right it's much easier to obsess.

Chocolate Chip Spelt Pancakes
Garlic Roasted Potatoes
Pad Thai (Rice Noodles with Tofu & broccoli in peanut sauce)
Ginger Ale (Coconut water, ginger, agave)

Even got a lesson on some bike things today.  Learned how to change a tube. Hope I never have to do it in a race! Thanks Jeff! You make stefan and I safer!

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