Sunday, August 29, 2010

Riverstock Tri Race Report

fun day today! I got third in my age group although I didn't have that great of a race but things to learn from for sure. This Tri was much more laid back compared to the others ive been too. It was a blast. It was wetsuit legal which was good because this is the coldest water i've swam in yet I think. They did 2 waves. I was in the second. Took some shots at the start. At least 2 really good elbows to the face. Didn't drink any river water with them which was good because it was kinda scary looking. The water was rough for a couple of reasons. It was an in water start and as soon as we got in to tread water everyone just started drifting down the river. It was really hard to try to maintain a position. The beginning of the loop course swim was down river but that didn't really help because we were too busy crashing into each other until the first turn. I think there was so much contact because it was just really hard to see. Mostly because it was cold last night and it was foggy on the river so sighting was hard. I actually had a really hard time doing it there were times where I was just following people in front of me because I had no idea where the buoys were. After the first turn we had to cross the river with the current still dragging us down river. I definitely swam extra yardage here just trying to get myself back to the next turn buoy. I just don't know enough about how to open water swim yet to try to prevent that from happening. Then the longest part of the swim course was swimming against the current upstream into the swim with fog. Sighting disaster for me. swam extra yardage again. Just following people trying to get my bearings. Thinking it couldn't get worse. Then i made the turn to cross back against the river again and I realized how wrong I was. For some reason they put this turn right after a bridge. so now the river current is pushing me downstream directly into the bridge. I almost hit every concrete pillar of the bridge. I had to swim out from under the bridge everytime and it was tough trying to fight the current. I was coming up with some interesting swimming, breast stroke/side stroke hybrid to try to keep my face out of the water so i wouldn't hit the bridge.  i survived without hitting any of the concrete and was finally going to swim for the finish downstream but my heart was thumping after having to fight so hard against the current around the bridge. I did pick up the pace but overall I was a little stressed by the swim. Everyone's swim times were slow though. T1 - had trouble getting my cycling shoes on but ready to hit the bike. This was another challenge because the flat sections of the course were on a street with road construction. Apparently there was some kind of bad accident so they were re routing traffic to this area so it was shoulder riding in the traffic heading out and then the hills started. there was a big climb around mile 5. After getting up the downhill was on a farm road which was paved but had a bunch of gravel/dirt on it so i was using my brakes. I got a front tire flat coming down it so i couldn't fly as i didn't have the best control over my bike. I didn't stop to change it because I wasn't completely sure what happened to it until I got off the bike and it would have taken me forever so I actually made it through the whole bike course on it. I didn't see any bike support or marshalls the whole ride. Mostly the course was rolling hills country roads. The national guard was doing the traffic control and they were great fun to the have on the course. I've never received such official cheers before. Or been called Ma'am so many times. The last couple miles of the course were tough with the traffic again because we had to cross it and ride in the center of the road to get back to the park. Yes someone actually got hit by a car on the course. Scary stuff. I did well with my gels on the bike. ok with the salt. But I didn't drink enough. I only got through one bottle and i was feeling that later on the run. T2 - troubles getting my socks on don't really want to wear them.  My bike fell off the rack while i was getting my sneakers on. Headed out on the run. Legs hurt for the first part. They hurt a bunch on the bike too. But I felt like I was moving at a decent clip. Then the heel started hurting. It just feels so bad I will be incredibly surprised if it doesn't require surgery. I keep moving through the run but it was really starting to break me down. Then my good foot started really hurting too. But i knew I didn't have much to go by that point. I was thirtsy on the run. They only had water at miles 3 and 5. By the time I got to the run it was sunny and warm out so I was hoping for more water but I survived without it. although I did drink one right at the finish straight down.  I took a gel on the run and did fine with it but I didn't have any salt. forgot to grab it off my bike. I was feeling a little crappy in the last mile not sure if it was from the heel pain or what but I knew I was almost done. I don't have an official time yet and i forgot to stop my watch but I believe I did it in 3:27.  I am curious to see the splits. I think the swim was around 39 minutes (ouch!).  I think the bike was 1:40.  The transitions I think were faster. I hope so or jay is gonna yell. I think the run was around an hour but my husband said it was less. With the shape my foot is in ill take that. I felt good afterwards mostly thirsty not tired or sore. They had vegan friendly post race food so I even got to chow done. I am honestly surprised with how well I feel afterwards. I am not tired and my legs feel like they did some work for sure but they are not overly sore. jay puts worse beatings on me than this with walking lunges. Overall it was a great time. I need to work on my open water swimming so it isn't so much of a challenge. And I really need to learn how to ride a bike better. I was so happy to be able to use my drops again. ive been off of them for about 6 weeks while the splint was on and it just felt good to be over the bike again.  Although my lower back was hurting a bit during the ride put probably because i haven't been doing that. Run wise I need to get the foot fixed.

sprouted grain bagel
vega sport optimizer with coconut water

post race
Brown Rice, Cuban Black Beans with Salsa & romaine in a tortilla
carob mint recovery drink with dates, agave, coconut water, coconut oil, salt
chocolate chip pancakes
carrot cake rice dream

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  1. Way to go MaryStella!! I wouldn't have made it out of the water! Biking with a flat can't be easy either. Running with the heel spur must be excruciating. All that and 3rd in your age group!! Awesome job, you should be proud.

  2. Way to go, great job hanging in there w/technical and body malfunctions.