Sunday, April 1, 2012

Rag and Bone

got released by the surgeon on friday. all my scans came back incredible and it was good news. I am now clear to ride outside, run and even swim. Of course it still doesn't feel completely healed and natural but it isn't really painful. Just not right yet. Sadly it doesnt look like the hardward can come out for 18 to 24 months. Also when I do get it taken out I will have some downtime again because i have to let the incision and the bone holes fill in from where the screws are now. I do think I will get it out because at this point the screws bother me. I can tell where everyone of them is and they rub.  Also it is probably safer for me to have it out
because if i do fall on it again it won't break where the plate is so it will break most likely in my shoulder joint or possibly even the neck. neither of which would be pretty. At this point I need to keep it and deal with it the best I can for awhile longer. I'd get it out in the winter when it is time. I also got a cortisone shot in my knee since even with all of the downtime I had for the clavicle surgery it never got any better. I think it may have been the right answer because this is the best it has felt in over a year! I really hope that it stays this way and i can finally put that annoyance behind me. 

 It's time to really start training again and getting ready for the summer of races. I went for a 35 mile ride outside on friday. Saturday I took it to the pool and did intervals from 50s to 500s. That plate and screws pinch when i swim. Today I rode the indoor trainer doing intervals while I watched the Tour of Flanders and afterwards online the Iroman 70.3 Glaveston race.  Then took it to the pool and did 4 - 500s. I am not pushing the pace swimming wise yet just getting things moving again. So far it doesn't appear that swimming the distances for my races will be a problem but i am sure i lost a lot of strength and speed over the last 5 weeks of being out of the water. But im back in the building phase so i'm letting all of the lost time go and just looking forward to using what time i do still have left to train for the upcoming season.  While my swimming certainly took a hit from where it was it isn't as bad as i thought it might be so i am happy about that. And if this knee thing if finally getting better i might actually be able to do some consistent run training for the first time in years. it's magic!

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