Monday, February 27, 2012

not looking for this kind of hardware

So I broke and displaced my clavicle. Need to have surgery on Thursday to get a plate and some screws installed in order to get it back in line and able to heal properly. This is a bit of a setback as far as training goes. I fell while doing toes to rings during a crossfit wod. So I was inverted when I fell. I "landed" on both my head and shoulder when I contacted the ground. I am not sure if I knocked myself  unconscious or not. Basically when I lost my grip I fell really fast and I couldn't turn myself right side up to land on my feet.  I fell from about 5 - 7 feet onto a hardwood floor.  what I learned. mats are good. Back to the story, when I hit the ground I immediately lost my vision and couldn't move.  But I felt like I could still hear. or my hearing came back before my sight. The other people  that were at the gym came yelling and running over to me to keep me on the ground since i clearly hit my head. Like i said i couldn't see them or move at first anyway. Once they got to me I did try to get up to find myself restrained to the ground. An ambulance was being called and i wasn't happy about it. I didn't want to go because i didn't think I was that hurt. then i tried to move my arm and i knew it was either broken or dislocated or both. So then I said ok i would go. The people around me told me i already had two bumps and bruises that were swelling on my head and i really should get that checked out asap. The medics came and because i hit my head i wasn't allowed to get up. 3 guys put me on a stretcher and carried me out. they knew my shoulder was a mess too because they immediately made me a sling out of a blanket they tore up. I wasn't feeling too well by the time we got inside the ambulance so they started an IV to give me some antinausea medication as i was pretty messed up. They wouldn't give me any pain medication because i hit my head. And man did i want some! They asked me to try to control my breathing in the ambulance because i was not breathing well again i think it was from the pain. yoga came in handy there and it also does for racing situations! We got to the hospital and there was lineup in the ER. yuck! luckily the medics had me fast tracked because of the bumps and bleeding on my head and because i had a line in they asked the ER doc to give me something for the pain. Which he did! yay! although it really didn't do that much. then it was off for various scans and rays of my head and body. Getting transferred even though people with picking me up and moving me was not very much fun at all. I could just brace myself and get ready for them to do it and the pain because there is nothing else i could do. Once the head scans came back clean i was able to have some real pain meds! they didn;t help as much as i was hoping. I was told i had a broken and displaced collarbone and that it would need to be plated by an orthopedic surgeon in order for it to heal properly. They gave me a sling and pain meds and sent me home to suffer. I went to the Ortho the following morning and he said that he consulted with my surgeon and they agree that my surgeon is going to plate it and i had to wait to see him in the office on monday. so a few more days of suffering and then i go to my guy this morning and i find out more days of suffering are ahead as i can't get the surgery until thursday. i was pretty upset about this and basically begged him for a long time. and told him how miserable i am. that i can't sleep well. that it hurts to eat, walk, sit, stand , breathe, etc. But I need to have it done in the hospital not a short stay center because I most likely will be staying overnight and going home the net day. Although he did say there is a possibility that if i am feeling really good i can go home the same day. although he thinks i am going to be pretty pissed at him from the pain. at this point i just can not wait to get it over with instead of being in this holding pattern of pain. Im sure it is going to hurt but at least it would be properly healing and i can get on the right path. I really begged him to do it before then but he kept assuring me this is the best way to do it and I guess I really do want him to do it right. So the following couple of days are going to be rough just waiting around for the big event. we talked a little about my recovery. ill have a splint on and i will be able to start riding my bike indoors and walking initially. I can progress that to riding outside and running when i can handle the bouncing. I can swim within 2 months as well when the incision is healed. But I won't be able to do any upper body strength training for awhile. no weights until probably july or so he thinks.  I told him i want to be able to swim bike and run as soon as possible and i am not as concerned about the weight training and he didn't believe me for a second. he said you saying that to me now because your in a lot of pain but as soon as this starts healing your gonna bug me to do handstand pushups. So it looks like i will be doing some more traditional triathlon training for awhile.Im whiling to do whatever I can do and see how it goes. At this point I am going to wait until after the surgery and see how the post op recovery and training is going before I decided on my racing schedule. I do not want to defer or skip races unless i am forced to. I dont want to make that kind of decision until I know where i am at after this. If I really can not do it and have to cancel as a result so be it. I won't be happy about it. One of the funniest things about this whole event is almost everyone assumes i did this on my bike. which is very reasonable so when i tell them i fell off a rings they look at me like WTF? So ill be doing a lot of reading and movie watching and whining. the first download on my new nook - michael phelps -  no limits!  its all about the hardware! i've been staying with my parents as i need some help with basic things. i don't have much internet access but i will try to update this post op. i wish i was training but in the long run thankfully i did no have a serious head or neck, or spinal cord injury. i was lucky in that sense.  I've put most of my memberships on suspension until i get cleared to go back and hit it. hoping it is soon. so put in some hard sessions on my behalf!

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