Sunday, February 5, 2012

RTRS update

FINALLY! I am posting on my blog again. It has been a long hard busy month. I had to work some long days and get my training in around that. It was a bit of challenge but happily it all got done. It should be a few more busy weeks but I've been getting some messages reminding me that i haven't updated this in awhile so here I go! Obviously I can't do that much back detail but some of the bigger themes were the continuing sinus saga. I got a cat scan and nasal swabs done and it is all pointing to my allergies. So I've gone off my allergy medication and in a week or so I am going for allergy testing (my second round) because this time I found a doctor that isn't afraid to actually treat my highly allergic reactions. I raced my final Cyclocross race of the season the "fire and ice" race. True to it's name it was held at night in the dark and it was 6 degrees when the gun went off. The course was lite by lumaand had a couple of fire jumps in it. There wasn't much ice on the course. there was a little snow in the grass so the ice portion was more about the cold temps for me. Luckily my friends hooked me up for it. Chris let me borrow his helmet lite so i could see in the dark a bit better and  Jeff let me borrow his Balaclava so my face wouldn't be totally ice. I bought a pack of chemical hand warmers and put them in my shoes and gloves. It was actually so cold during the race i didn't think they were working. After the race I noticed that they were! I kept everything on before the race as long as possible. Got a warmup lap in on the course which helped because in the dark you come up on the barriers FAST and need a quick dismount. I almost clipped them a few times during the race because you just can't see them until your on top of them. It was basically the blair witch project with bikes. You could hear other rides around you but you really couldn't see them for the most part. It was super cold waiting around for the start but once they released us the hour went by without any thoughts about temperature. I did crash onces on a turn down a steep off camber hill. But i was fine. The course road pretty well. I didn't ride the rock wall and i didn't ride through the river that was coming up into the course. The only reason I didn't ride that section was because it was so cold. getting wet on top of it wasn't in my plans. especially if you feel into the river you were screwed. I did do the fire jumps this race. I was the first female to finish in the open class. There wasn't much of an after race hang as it was so cold everyone changed and took off. I picked up a lot of points and won $150 bucks from the rivertown race series for my effort. I attend the awards luncheon which was super fun. They showed videos of the races and we talked with the sponsors etc. I don't think im going to post the video on here because with it being dark you can't see much. They put on a fun run before the lunch which was a 5 mile loop around a lake. But it snowed here the day before so it was 5 miles of running in 6 inches of snow around a scenic lake. The snow made the running much tougher than I thought it would be. that is deep snow to run in without yaktraks or something like that. I probably should pick those up. Although I don't know how much they would have helped the difficulty came from not being able to see what your running on underneath all of that snow. I've still been out mountain biking working on my skills. The other big event was the 3 day yoga workshop with Pradeep.  That was some challenging asana. classes were about 3 hours long. Sweating like mad and going super deep. I've been getting to yoga as much as i can to try to keep myself loose as possible. all of the crossfitting makes me super tight. All of the biking and running have the hips tightening up so i gotta keep workin on opening those puppies up. Thing have been going well training wise. The knee is still a little weird after I run so I started going for some ART on it.  The weather has been pretty mild here in the NE so it has been decent trainin so far this winter which i am so thankful for. Sorry about being off of here for so long but i do plan to update this more regularly again.

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