Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Got a bit of activity in today to keep the body from stiffening up too much. I've been getting really sore from sitting so much. yeah im serious about that actually. I've had to become kinda sedentary from this clavicle injury and the body isn't liking it. so i rode a stationary bike for a couple of miles today as well as did some easy walking just to get moving a bit. I also did my pre-op stuff with the hospital. Right now I am on the schedule for thursday at 11:30. I would get started around 9:30 for the surgery. The hospital will call me tomorrow to confirm the time. I am hoping it gets moved a little earlier but it's not too bad. I also started my making my personal training page.  please "like" me on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Marys-Personal-Training/180276965419162 and let me know if you need some training.

im actually feeling a little less sore today. after the surgery i was told ill b hurting again. hopefully only a couple of days and then ill b healing and back at it.

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