Monday, March 5, 2012

1 plate, 6 screws and 21 staples later

1 plate, 6 screws and 21 staples later.... surgery is done and i am getting better. had a few bumps along the way. i have to go on the record and say i am not a fan of the dehydrating yourself before surgery. i have no issue with the fasting but i dont agree with the not drinking water for that long but more on that later! surgery at the hospital was interesting. got signed by the surgeon and waited for the setup for the procedure. A bunch of the paperwork later got an iv and some drugs and go ready for the show. first time i remember in the surgeon standing over me before my eyes were even open and him saying ... mary this if your favorite doctor.... how do you feel? my elegant response. "like i am going to vomit" and him going yep your fine. recovery room was pretty painful. morphine shots provided no real relief and i had 2 really annoying people on each side. crying and whining about how much pain they are in. couldn't want to get away from them. only to get back to my room and have the same situation with different people. I was able to drink juice, water and eat some graham crackers. then you can't go home until you pee. i pushed about 60 ounces of fluid and couldn't pee. eventually after 30 minutes in the bathroom i was able to force out some fluid and get ready to head home. got home and pretty much went right to bed. woke up with a fever of 102. not happy. more trouble trying to pee and a fever for 15 hours while trying to get the surgeons office to call me back. (4calls- welcome to the modern state of medicine) finally i called my regular doctor. I eventually heard from the on call surgeon and he said it was too soon for my surgery to be infected and most likely i had a urinary tract infection as a side effect from the surgical drugs. got my regular doctor to write me a script for antibiotics for the UTI and finally i was feeling better from the surgery. the following day i was able to take the dressings off and see the lovely 21 staples. can't wait for those to come out. It is a much longer incision than i thought. I also stopped taking narcotics and am just taking OTC ibuprofen. At this point i am feeling better and able to take care of myself pretty well. I think once these staples come out it is going to be all systems go. I go back to the surgeon on friday to get my staples out!!  I know i cant swim until the wound heals. but i can ride the trainer and walk without too much ado. so that is going to be the main focus initially. then running when i can handle the bouncing. I am reading michael phelps book right now and when he broke his wrist and they set it. he was riding a stationary bike everyday and swimming again in 10 days. I don't want to be down with this any longer than i have to and i don't want to sacrifice my race season because of it. it is a small speed bump. I got lucky that i didn't have any permenant injuries from the fall. The clavicle break isn't a huge deal. I am not going to let it sideline me for the season. whatever can be done will be done.

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