Thursday, March 8, 2012

i shall be released

yesterday - 4 mile walk outside. walking takes FOR-EV-ER! important thing to remember for ironman racing. even when walking seems like a good idea it is still really slow. try to avoid it when possible. looking forward to running again.

today - 45 minutes on the trainer. felt good. can't wait til it is strong enough to be outside in control of the bike instead of not moving anywhere but for a week after surgery im happy to be riding at all.

mostly i miss swimming a ton these last couple of weeks and really want to get back in the water. i know it is going to be a bit yet. I go back to the surgeon tomorrow to get my staples taken out and of course i will talk with him about when he thinks i should resume these activities. i will probably take whatever he says but also see how i feel. at this point i believe i am ahead of what a normal recovery schedule for this procedure would be. i haven't been wearing my sling all day today. Having the broken bone set with the plate has provided a lot of stability to it. it is just basically sore at this point. i do think it will feel much better once the tension of the staples is released too.

getting a ton of reading done. most likely ill be back to work on monday.

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