Friday, October 14, 2011

wave of mutilation

Yoga – ended up being the only person in yoga class today. Talked to the teacher about triathlon and She gave me several poses to do corresponding to what I am training.   As always finding the time to do them is the real issue.  Im supposed to do one after each training session.

Used my Cross bike to train today. Did a longer warmup and cooldown than Rxed  because I rode over to a park so I could train on terrain instead of the road. I found grass, mud, dirt trails. Dodged some squirrels and geese.  Warmup 3.5 miles. Wod – 3 x 3 minutes on 1 minute isometic squat. I worked my mount and dismounts right into the wod. The isometric= squats are killer. 4 mile cooldown.  

After a week of antibiotics I  still have the saddle sore I’ve been fighting so it’s another week of antibiotics and hoping they work! If not Im going to have to get this drained and I REALLY don’t want to.  It’s def hurts less now than it did before but it isn’t gone. Maybe that’s a good sign maybe not.

Wednesday -
Swim – warmup, 100 swim, 200 kick, 100 pull. Wod – 10 x 100 meters on 20 seconds rest using paddles and pull buoy. Cooldown 100 free, 50 breast. Felt like this workout went well. I like using paddles!

“CF” Wod? – 10 pushups, 20 situps, 10 pushups as a warmup then 100 situps for time.

Thursday – more yoga to start the day! The flexibility is getting better. The knee is feeling better but not 100 percent yet.

Friday – swim – warmup 300 swim, 300 kick, 300 pull, 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull. Then a 1,000 Time Trial. 18 minutes on the dot.  Cooldown 200 back stroke, 200 breaststroke.

It looks like it is going to be a weekend with just some yoga as training and rest otherwise. I want to try to clear up this stupid saddle sore by Tuesday before the doc has to take care of it. (YIKES!!!!)  just thinking about being off my bike for a day is sad. I hate it! But if the rest doesn’t work on it then nothing short of medical intervention will. I do feel like it is getting smaller and def less painful but it isn’t gone yet. Sigh.  Who knows maybe it will clear up and ill be back on my bikey soon.

I might go get a shorter stem put on my cross bike tomorrow.  

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