Monday, October 31, 2011


Didn't do too much training this weekend. I came down with a sinus infection becasue I had some mildew growing in my bedroom. Got it cleaned up and hoping the symptoms go again soon too. I just did yoga on saturday and sunday. And today I totally took the day off from training. I did however go to see a new Dr. about my knee. I gave it a few weeks off recently and it hasn't progressed as much as I would like it to so I decided the time is now to start testing out treatments. Instead of waiting another few weeks and not getting any further. So I went to a Doctor that uses the Graston technique.

it is basically breaks down scar tissue and promotes healthy soft tissue. They uses medal rods to scrape down the affected areas. The pain level is probably the same as Active release therapy. I was also given a few rehab things to do. Mostly focusing on my tibialis. The usual comments came up about my lower legs being really tight.  I have been working on that so much in the last few weeks and honestly they are probably the best they have ever been!  We discussed treatment going forward and in addition to this he is going to want me to do some rehab because i do have a disfuction. This is mostly what i want cleared up. My pain is lessened from not using it but i know if i went out and ran a long enough distance today it would be bothering me afterward so i need to get this thing functional over the offseason. Because even if the pains goes away if the disfunction is still there it will just be a problem again when i start training hard again. Doc is fine with me swimming, biking and water running. He said no real running obviously and if something on the bike becomes as issue we will have to remove that too. It's too soon to tell if this is going to be the solution but it can't hurt to try it out at this point. 

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