Tuesday, November 1, 2011

back in the saddle

ah finally got to ride my bike again after a couple of weeks off of it and it was AWESOME!

 I took my cross bike out for a 30 minute ish ride at lunch. got it off road and into the grass, mud, dirt and rocks whenever possible. even found a few patches of snow left. 

After work I took my road bike out. did a 10 minute warmup, 20 rounds of 40 on 20 off. I found a 200 meter hill (approimately) and it takes me about 40 second to get up it and 20 to get back down so i did that. it gets  a harder grade the higher up you get too. then a 5 minute cooldown.

i basically refuse to ride my bike inside on the trainer unless i absolutely have to. i still have some daylight left to play with and the temps arn't bad yet so i am taking advantage of it.

i feel better than i did the last few days. still snotty and a little coughy but i felt ok to train. why do i do things like that. because I am a strong believer that the body goes where the mind takes it. if you get your mind set on doing something your body will follow you there.  sometimes your going to be sick on race day. it happens. most people will just pack it in but i am not one of those people. you can both train and race through it most of the time without ill effects.

my knee was sore last night when i was sleeping and my legs is tender where he worked on it yesterday. sounds about right.

Today I entered the lottery for the NYC Tri.  Ill found out in 2 weeks or so if i get in. I also registered for the philadelphia triathlon. That is june 24th so just a couple of weeks after eagleman. But it will be good to have the feel of a city race under my belt before i do imnyc. philly will have a downstream river swim which is similar to im nyc. the bike course in philly is supposed to be great. it's through fairmont part but it has hills, technical turns, some flats. a little bit of everything. then the run is through fairmount park and mlk drive. I'm very happy to do this race this year. should be a blast. http://phillytri.com/

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