Tuesday, November 8, 2011


Saturday – took my road bike out for a spin. 10 minutes easy then 60 minute ride climbing up 8th st and back. Then a 10 minute easy cooldown. I froze as I didn’t dress properly. It wasn’t as bad on the bike but afterwards I was shaking for awhile because my core temp must have dropped too much. Weather wise it’s a weird place where it is too warm for winter stuff and too cold for summer stuff. I need to plan better.

Sunday – went to yoga in the morning. Then took my road bike out again for 20 minute warmup then 90 minute stead state ride. Was supposed to be around 155 HR but avg around 144. 5 minute cooldown. I rode out 92 and again I froze although not as bad this time.

Monday – warmup 100 swim, 100 kick, 100 pull, 200 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull, then 6 x 100 on 20 sec rest, 3 x 200 on 15 sec rest, 2 x 300 on 10 sec rest and a 600. I may had added some addional laps. And possibly an entire extra 300. 200 cooldown as breaststroke and backstroke.  Other workout of the day was a 30 minute recovery spin so I took out my crossbike and trained on terrain. Mostly rocks, grass and dirt. Found a little mud too I thought one of the patches was a puddle but it was ice. Also spent some time working my tight turns. Had a series of cones setup that I had to pass through. Now that the time change is here it is dark when I commute home from work. I started using my Blackburn flea head and tail lights and for how small they are they are working for me. I really like them.  And they are solar or usb chargeable.

Tuesday – yoga first thing in the morning then more fun with the crossbike. It was a gorgeous day to go and play in the park. It’s a 10 minute ride to get there so I used that as a my warmup. I was supposed to do a 15 minute TT but when your having so much fun I turned it into a 30 minute TT. I setup my own cross course through the park and I just kept riding laps around it. I included a big off camber descent, grass riding, dirt riding, a sand pit.   Didn’t have barriers but I did do a couple of mounts/dismounts. Overall I was really smoked afterwards and the 10 minute ride back to work was tiring.  Fun stuff. I registered for my first cross race on Sunday. I am do the beginners open so it will be 30 minutes of the course. I’m looking forward to the experience.

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