Tuesday, November 29, 2011

blood ties

Bike wod – on the trainer (yuck yuck yuck and yuck!)
5 minutes easy, 3 minutes moderate, 2 minutes hard to warmup then 7 minutes on, 3 minutes off, 5 minuteson, 2:30 off, 3 minutes on. Plus a 5 minutes easy cooldown.
Pushed a lot of gear. But hate riding the trainer. Had to do it today because of time and weather issues.

20 air circles each direction
10 air squats
20 ball situps
5 pullups
10 supermans
5 chair dips
20 kettlebell swings at 35 lbs
30 air squats
5 pullups

Amrap 12 minutes   - 9 of which were about humility!
10 kettlebell swings @35 lbs
5 pullups.

Got 9 rounds. (ha!) I started off great. Thought I would get 12 rounds by the way my first few rounds went.  I kipped for the 3 rounds and then tore my hand open on the 4th set of pull-ups. (welcome to the club, gimme some blood) So for the following 5 rounds I used a band and did strict pull-ups with a shirt tied around my hand. I even had to break the kettlebell swings which are normally a strong point for me. I could have gone lighter on the weight to make it easier but I don’t regreat using the 35. Some of it might have been doing them with a shirt tied around my hand. But most of it was my grip was just shot going back and forth between the KBS and the PUs. I def lost grip strength. While my performance was humbling the good news is I was able to kip and drop off the pullup bar without pain. Two things I was completely unable to do when my knee was hurting. I think I am finally on the road to recovery!

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