Friday, December 2, 2011

Rally for a Bike-Friendly Wilkes-Barre!

wednesday - water running - 10 easy 30 minutes with 5 on 5 easy and 5 minute cooldown. I ended up talking to the lifeguard and did a whole hour. Water running continues to feel good. Had a bike meeting to go to at night. Basic advocacy for getting bike lines in the city here. If you local please help out at:

Overall it was a step in the right direction.

Thursday - Bike - took the cross bike ou and did 10 minutes easy, 5 minutes moderate 2 minutes hard, 3 minutes easy and then 30 minutes with 5  30 second hard and 30 second easy. 5 minute cooldown. I rode a lot of rocky terrain to get ready for saturday race. I also rode some water to get ready for riding through the creek crossing at the hess mess.  Got wet and muddy and had a blast. on my cooldown i decided to descend this loosy rocky downhill and i hit a much bigger rock than i was thought were around going pretty fast and i got a flat. yuck! had to take my bike into the shop as i had no cross tubes and i also needed to have the front derauiller looked at. Got my bike back today and they advised that i ride the rocky courses with more PSI so that this doesn't happen again. I dented the rim but they said it is ridable. I plan on taking both my cross bike and my mtn bike to the race tomorrow in case anything happens because it is a rocky course and also with the creek crossing and the steep uphills and steep loose rock downhills i am going to use whatever bike seems to be working the best. although i think the crossbike is going to be best for the carry sections up the steep hills but it doesn't hurt to have a backup.  Because of the bike flat i was wagging it home yesterday after work (walk/jogging) pushing my bike and carrying all of my stuff. it wasn't too bad but it would have been easier if i had actual sneakers and wasn't wearing mary janes. so this was the first semi running ive d one in awhile.

Friday - swim - had a tri geek orgy at the pool this morning. everyone that showed up to swim was a triathlete and we took over the whole pool and all did the same workout. I was the only female but i held my own! (gasp, gasp)  warmed up doing 100 swim and 500 drills. my form felt really good drilling today. then we did 200, 150, 100 ,200 ,200 ,150, 100 on 30 seconds rest followed by 5  - 50s on 1 minute. i cooled down with 150  alternating back and breaststroke every 25. It was a tough workout swimming with a group like that. I really should do it more often.

My cross race tomorrow isn't until noon so i am going to take it easy tonight and do all over my packing and stuff in the morning tomorrow before the race. It is going to be 60 minutes of suffering but in a fun way!

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