Monday, December 19, 2011

Ride on

Saturday – started the day with a yoga class then headed outside on my mountain bike. I have an old school mountain bike so there are no shocks which makes riding terrain a bike tough as I have to use my body as my shocks. I went with Chris who is an awesome mountain bike racer to moon lake park and worked on some trails there.  Chris helped me out by showing me how to ride over logs and what lines to take over rocky terrain. I completely wiped out once but when I was working on riding technical sections over and over chris was kind enough to catch me before I fell a couple of times. Or he was at least there in case I fell. Something that helps mentally. I did better riding the trails on the way out than I did on the way back so I must have picked up a few things. I am taking my mtn bike into the shop to get the handlebars moved since I don’t have shocks it would make it easier to keep the weight off my hands if they are in a higher position. If I commit to doing this I am going to need to get a new mountain bike with suspension and disc brakes.

Sunday – Started the day with yoga again then headed out on my road bike for a chilly 2 hour ride. I pretty much refuse to ride my trainer until I am absolutely forced too as I pretty much hate the damn thing! I got in 28+miles in about and hour and fifty minutes. I would have liked to do a bit more but I was pressed for time. My feet were like ice blocks when I got home but everything else was ok.

Monday – totally slept in this morning as I was up late last night. Crossfit  - warmup row 800 meters, then 10 pullups and backsquats 10 @45, 10 @ 65, 10 @ 95 . Wod was 5 rounds of
10 backsquats @ 95 lbs
5 pullups
Row 400 meters.
Time 17:25.

I was probably a little more tired from this workout than I should have been immediately afterwards. My knee is a little twitchy afterwards so I am doing to have to watch it a bit.  No real pain but if I overdid it right now that would be a bad thing. I am trying to proceed cautiously. I didn’t go too heavy on the back squats because of the knee. I was able to get through them without breaking the set.  Pullups are coming along too. I was getting the rowing done in about 2 minutes each round. Hitting up a yoga class again tonight. Gotta take care of the knee.

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