Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Hess Mess Race Video

Put the bike on the trainer this morning. I hate it! I know it’s a good thing but not a fun one for sure. Warmup 5 easy, 2 hard, 3 easy. Then a 15 minute TT followed by a 5 minutes cooldown. Tried to push some gear but watched the knee for strain. Did good and felt ok afterwards.

Crossfit – Front squats.  
BW x 5
90*5felt like work from here on
100*3 felt the form going so I stopped. Want to watch the knee.

This almost feel like rehab workouts because I want to work the knee but not overdo it. I am still being somewhat protective of it.  I wanted to work on connecting my kipping pull-ups so I did a set of 2 connected kipping pull-ups between each squat.

Got my vega protein bar order from veganproteins.com – check them out! I think they taste awesome!! Giacomo was also nice enough to send me some of the endurance bars to test out. If you’re looking for any kind of vegan sport supplement check on veganproteins.com they are the best!

Here is a video of the hess mess cyclocross race I did 2 weekends ago.  You can see me briefly in the prologue of the course before the guy passes me. But mostly you get to see the course and how fun cyclocross is.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8-hnTllnGM

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