Friday, December 16, 2011

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A photo from my recent cross race made today. That was pretty fun!

water running - 10 minutes easy then 5 rounds of 4 hard 1 easy and a 10 minute cooldown.

crossfit - warmup 20 pushups, 20 squats, 10 pullups (strict with band) 20 kb swings increasing weight from 25-35. and 10 walking lunges! whoo hoo! i haven't been able to do them without pain since the spring! usually they hurt from the very first one so this was a big step hopefully in the right direction. i think i need to keep building on what i am doing right now. the real test will be when i add running on land back in. the water running has been helping so much and well as the yoga.  I really feel this knee problem was mostly tight hips and lower leg related.

Wod 5 rounds of
20 kettlebell swings @ 35 lbs
20 pushups
time 9:59

did some stretching afterwards. the lower kinetic chain is feeling it from the deadlifts yesterday!

yoga and some biking is on for the weekend.

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