Saturday, November 26, 2011

If you want blood (you've got it!)

Bit of a catch up blog post . tuesday afternoon I threw down a cf wod. Did 10 pushups, 10 squats and 10 situps to warmup and then did a 15 minutes amrap of 5 pushups, 7 situps and 9 squats. I happily got 19 rounds. It's been awhile since I did that kind of work. So i felt it for a few days.

Wednesday - 100 swim,  200 kick, 300 pull, 200 kick, 100 swim.  Main set i did with jeff as 100 -pull, 200 swim, 300 pull, 400 swim, 400 pull, 300swim ,200pull, 100 swim. did a 100 of fly kick  and 50 backstroke, 50 breatstroke. All of the pulling I did with paddles to turn this into more of a strength workout.
Took a great yoga class in the evening. I really needed it to loosen up some. felt great afterwards.

Thursday took a rest day for thanksgiving. Here is the menu I cooked for me and my husband to enjoy.
Garlic Teesy Cheddar Biscuits
Cornbread Dressing
Celebration Roast
Roasted Carrots and Parsnips with Cumin Vinagrette
Harvard Red Beets
Shredded Brussel Sprouts with Apples and Pecans
Blueberry Pie
Some of these things are a treat as i don't normally consume them but overall we kept it on the healthy side. I posted photos of this to my facebook page and i received numerous requests for recipes. which I gladly give out. On a day when most people are over eating I love getting contacted for a brussell sprouts recipe!

Friday - Water running - 10 minutes easy then 30 minutes with a 1 minute all out effort every five minutes. 5 minute cooldown.

Then back under the barbell again! I am going to a new gym now.
It is not a crossfit specific gym but it is studio that lends itself to crossfitting as it has the same basic equipment. barbells, kettlebells, pullup bar,  things tojump, dumbbells. and the only machines are treadmills and rowers. i believe there may be one bike. Also it is a small gym so i won't have to fight people for equipment or space. especially since i will be there at off hours most of the time. the best part it has a shower!!! most crossfit gyms are garages or industrial spaces so they don't usuall have the comforts of home in them. But when trying to fit training into a busy day it is nice to be able to shower before continuing on with the day.

Warmup 25 situps on ab ball, 25 pushups and 3  rounds of 5 pullups using a band. I also did 3 rounds of 5 kipping pullups. Then back squats were the order of the day to test out the knee a bit. went in reps of 5 at 45,55,65,75,85,95,100,105.  I miscounted my addition and 3 reps at 135. i started to feel some knee strain at that weight which is what made me look at it. so i called it a day. i just happy to be back in a gym and under a barbell for awhile. Tim showed me his various "ab" toys around the gym. he doesn't believe in situps finding them ineffective and i have to say i agree with him. i can do situps forever and then don't bother me. He is a stronger believer in stability abs like planks and rotational abs. i was throwing around a medicine ball on a string. the only piece of equipment they don't have that i used to use a GHD machine. But there are plenty of other ab options and I can always do good morning for back etensions. Overall i think this place will be a better fit for me.

 Saturday - had to do a fast and go and get some bloodwork done. it has been awhile since i last had it taken. it came back really clean last time so i didn't have to get it done for a bit. But it is a good idea for someone living as a vegan and especially a vegan athletes to get it checked occasionally. Now most people that are vegan for health reasons are not going to come back with high cholesterol or anything like that but having certain vitamin levels checked are a good idea. namely B12 and D. If you are taking any kind of vegan supplements you should be fine. But if you not you can run into some issues with B12. you body can store it for years but since it isn't normally found in vegan food you need to get it somewhere. they are various places. mine is vega.
 Vitamin D isn;t an issue if you spend time in the sun  everyday but in the colder areas like where i live. Wintertime can lead to a problem. It is important for athletes to get these checked because fatigue is a normal symptom and for people doing heavy training it can hard to notice.

Bike - done on the trainer (not the most fun i've ever had) warmup 8 minutes easy 2 minutes hard then

on:off 20:10 3:10 40:10 50:10 60:10 60:10 50:10 40:10 30:10 20:10 and a 5 minute easy cooldown.

Also went to yoga class tonight. I can feel the effects of the squats on my legs from yesterday but it isn't too much. So far my knee seems to be tolerating this new work!  It has improved a lot of the last few weeks.

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