Friday, July 22, 2011


Swim – 500 drills to warmup. Then 45 minute swim really concentrating on my rotation and my catch the entire time. I felt better for the second half of the swim than I did for the first. I was feeling tired this morning. It’s a good thing that the Tdf is almost over because I have been staying up too late watching it! But it was a good form swim and I def felt better after it than I did before it.

CF Wod –
15 minute AMRAP

5 pullups (dead hang – no kipping)
10 GHD situps
15 Kettlebell swings – 35 lbs
20 Back Extensions

Got 5 and half rounds. Got through the ghds on the 6th round but didn’t get to the KB swings. I did all of it unbroken. I did as many of the pull-ups as dead hang as possible as kipping still hurts my knee. My pull-ups have been getting better as a result. Not able to really connect them yet  GHDs are always fun! KB swings and back extensions felt good. I was sweating up a storm during this wod and afterwards. Pretty hot at the gym today.

Ok so here’s the daily knee update. Last night it was pretty much irritated and letting me know it. This morning it was stiff but much better than last night. After swimming and then after the CF wod it is feeling better. Like it is ready to cycle tomorrow.  I’ve been reading up on patellofemoral pain syndrome and the Rx for it seems to be relative rest. So It sounds like I should be doing this easy buildup work riding and running.  I was considering taking some days off totally for it but I don’t think it would be enough time for it to really heal up anyway.

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