Sunday, July 3, 2011

weekend workouts

saturdays workouts
warmup: 500 Drills - 35 minutes TT -  cooldown 500 drills - Counted 76 laps during the TT. I felt like i was in a good rhythm. It could have been more i am not the best at counting laps when it is that many.

20 minute 1 leg on bike trainer

100 leg lifts. i read the leg lifts are good for my knee problem so i am throwing them in when i can.

sunday - 2+ miles of open water swimming.  it was raining while we were in the water and we had to cut the swim a bit short because it was lightening. not by much though. i was really tired when i got up this morning. just didn't sleep well last night between fireworks and then thnuderstorms. i never felt like i really got it going in the water today. I went the distance but it didn't feel like one of my better swims.

my knee still hurts i am trying to ice and elevate it when possible.

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