Friday, July 1, 2011

swimming and more swimming.

swim #1 - 500 of drills to warmup then 1,000 as 50 hard 50 easy. I love this workout! I was crushing the hard 50s. I was trying to be good and take it easy on the easy 50s. For the most part I think I did because I was really able to sprint the hard ones. did 500 of drills to cool down. my knee was feeling really good this morning so i wanted to test it out in the pool by using it to kick. Did a 25. Didn't feel great so I did my workout and then tried to kick for a 50. It doesn't hurt but it still has the weird blocked feeling so I decided to just let it rest.

Swim #2 - 1,000 of drills then 500 TT - 8.19 somewhat happy with the time. I was using a pull buoy but i am not flip turning and i only push off the wall with my good leg. did 200 of drills to cooldown.

the shoulders are just tight and tired. I am stretching and icing them. I do love to swim!

Got my rays of the knee back. There is nothing broken, fractured or chipped which is a good thing but there is a effusion of the joint. which means i have water on my knee. probably why my joint feel so restricted and hard to move most of the time. Told me to continue the conservative care as the treatment is pretty much what i have already been doing unless it doesn't resolve itself in a few weeks.

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