Tuesday, July 12, 2011

not quite yet

Swim – 1,000 of drills to warmup.  Did a 100 just to test out the knee to see if I was going to swim or use the pull buoy. I decided to swim as it was pretty good.
Did 26  - 25s on 15 seconds rest. Jeff was nice enough to do this with me so he was responsible for counting the reps and watching the times so I could just focus on swimming. It’s a good system for me.  Jeff said they were taking up 18 – 20 seconds to swim them. Swam 200 – 300 to cool down.

Cf wod – wanted to test my knee a bit so I did some step ups and walking lunges. It is greatly improved from where it was but not completely right yet as much I want it to be. It just isn’t quite there yet.

AMRAP – 9 minutes of
7 Wall balls at 10lbs
5 GHD situps
Got 10 rounds – 4 were done as proper wallballs going to the 10ft line, 6 were done as seated situp wallballs because I didn’t like the way the knee was feeling during the wallballs. I used a 10 Lb ball because I had a feeling I was going to end up doing them seated which I did. The ghds went well. Overall this was an easy wod because it was so short. Ididn’t get the point where I was totally wasted because it was over in 9 minutes.

Dry Land Swim Cable Pulls
3 sets of 15 reps each arm

1 Leg Hip Lifts – 4 sets of 15 each leg– Rehab exercise for the knee – basically a hamstring strengthener

I’ve also been doing my foot/ lower leg exercises to strength up my feet and loosen up my lower legs. Hopefully when I get back to running this will make a difference.

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