Friday, July 29, 2011


yesterday - ran 4.6 miles - got a little speed in there but overall still not as fast as i would like.
 traveled back home so back to the pool today and it was a rough swim. not sure if it is from the time off or if i was tired or what but the swim times were terrible.

200 swim
2 x 200 (50swim, 100 pull, 50 swim) on 20 seconds rest

300, 200, 100 moderate on 20 second rest     5.44 ,3.48 ,1.48

200,100,50 negative split on 25 sec rest - i just swam the second half with a harder effort than the first half. i didn't take splits to see if i actually went negative.    3.42 ,1.47 ,53

200 fast 30 sec rest 3.41

100 fast 30 sec rest 1.39 - yeah i was actually trying to go fast on this one. i know the time doesn't reflect that

6 x 100 pull on 25 sec rest - didn't time - just focused on the form

100 cooldown

I gotta book a hotel room for the USAT age group national champtionships. Looks like i am going to be able to go and get the experience even if it won't be my best race of the season. who knows maybe my knee will be cleared up by then.

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