Monday, July 11, 2011

maybe soon

The knee was pretty good this morning. Decided to use it a bit on my bike trainer wod to see how it responded. Did a 10 minute warmup easy gear with both legs. Then 12 minutes of 45 seconds on 15 seconds off with my right leg only. Followed by a 10 minute cooldown easy gear again both legs. My knee felt fine through all of this. But it was more like a rehab kinda of effort than real training but at this point just being able to use it I’ll take. I go back to the regular doctors on Thusday. Not sure if I still need an MRI. It doesn’t still hurt to kneel on it but overall it is much better. My Ortho  appt isn’t untilthe 20th.  I’ll wait to see how the knee is before I decide If I should go to these appointments. I am still icing and using the Nsaids.

Crossfit wod – 21- 15- 9 of
Time 5:30

I warmed up doing regular pull-ups 15 or so with a extra small purple band but I could tell that was going to take me a really long time to use for the wod. So I used the small blue band for the wod. No problems with the pushups.

My biggest compliant of the day is my hands and feet have a ton of little cuts on them from the rocks in the lake yesterday.  I few bruises too. For such small cuts they really hurt. I am hoping they heal fast.

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