Thursday, July 21, 2011

So far from your weapon


Amrap 20 minutes
10 wallballs shots with 10 lb ball between 9 and 10 ft target (no squat)
10 Toes through Rings
13 full rounds and 10 wallball shots in the 14th.
2 blisters from the rings! My hands had been pretty good lately  but  that king swing kills me with all these reps.

Bike – 16.5 miles flat. Took over an hour. The knee felt fine the whole time. And it wasn’t too bad afterwards. This wasn’t a really hard effort though but that’s ok it is good just to be get some time on the bike.

Wednesday –
Swim – 500 drills to warmup
3 x 7 minute TT on 2 minute rest
1 – 15 laps
2 – 15 full finished started 16th
3 – 15 full finished started 16th
250 swim with pull buoy to cool down
Knee was a little tight and sore in the morning but it go better as the day went on.

100 GHD situps for time – 4.41
This really got tough from 70 on. I went unbroken until about 80. Then I did 2 little breaks after 80 and 90 but not long.

Got my MRI back and had my ortho appt for my knee. The MRI is clean, nothing torn, dislocated, broken etc. The fluid that showed up on the x-ray is now gone. The ortho diagnosed it as a patellafemoral strain and basically said I can train through it to tolerance. He said these injuries take a long time to heal and that the stiffness is normal. So basically I can start running and riding and building that back up a bit and see how it goes. I still have to watch the weighted movements that provoke it. But overall it was a pretty good visit. He said at the end of the season if it is still an issue that some rest then should clear it up. I’m going to try to be good.

Thursday –

 3 mile run on a track. Didn’t time it because I didn’t want to know.  I just went at a comfortable pace. The first ½ mile the knee hurt. It loosened up after a mile and it was pretty good until about 2 and a half miles. It never got really bad but I didn’t want to run too much on it the first time out. I walked ¾ mile as a warmup and cooldown.  It doesn’t feel too bad afterwards. I am still icing and heating it.

This were a little harder than they should be. The ortho said I have good strength in my legs but clearly ive lost some because while this isn’t testing my limits. It just feels heavier than that kind of weight normally feels for me.

Here is a link to a a vegan website and I’m listed on there as an athlete!

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