Wednesday, July 13, 2011

step from the road to the sea to the sky

bike workout - the knee was feeling good this morning so onto the trainer i went for a 12 minute warmup using both legs! then I had a 7 minute TT to do. I decided to do it with both legs instead of one as most of my cycling workouts lately have been. And also a 10 minute cooldown. I didn't have any problems with my knee while riding. It didn't feel too bad when i got off the bike either.

CF wod -
20 minute AMRAP of
5 Pushups
10 GHD situps
10 Back Extensions.

Completed 17 2/3 rounds. Didn't get thru the back extensions on the 18th round. I was happy with this. Did all sets unbroken. Just kept plowing through. You lose a little time getting in and out of the ghd machine as well as flipping over from the ghds to the back extensions. But overall I was pretty tired and have a nice glaze going when i was done with this one. I have a feeling i'll be feeling the 180+ Ghds I did between the workout and the warmup for a few days. Those were the hardest part for sure. I was flying through them for the first 10 rounds or so because they are one of my stronger movements but by 140 - 150 on it was just pure torture to keep going through them. My knee was a little stiff after this wod. Gotta stay on my icing for tonight and I;m sure it will be fine to swim tomorrow morning. I also go back to the doctor tomorrow and get his thoughts. I hate going to the doctor!

Did some feet exercises as well as my 1 leg hip lifts for 3 sets of 15 each leg. This is a rehab exercise they gave me from my knee. I really don't think it does much for the knee because I don't believe the injury was caused by a muscle imbalance and that exercise is just for strengthening your hamstring. But it can't hurt to do it so i'm doing them.

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