Friday, July 8, 2011

coming back

arms are still sore today! Althought not as bad. I think they should be good for swimming tomorrow. had a short bike to start the day did 5 minute easy to warmup with 1 leg on the trainer then did a 9 minute TT (right leg only). followed with a 2 minute cooldown. I can't wait to really ride my bike for real!

Cf wod -
AMRAP - 10 minutes
8 Kettlebell Swings @ 35 lbs
4 V-Ups with 10 Lb Medicine Ball
Completed 12 rounds.

I picked this wod because my arms were still to shot to be doing pullups etc. I went light on the Kettlebell swing weight because it was my first time doing them with the knee and they went well so that is nothing but happiness for me! They actually felt easy the whole way. Not so much with the Weighted V-ups! V-ups are when you take a medicine ball with your hand and feet together at the top and touch the ball overhead to the ground while lowering your legs to the ground then you bring the ball up while bringing your legs back up to the center and you pass the ball to in between your feet and you lower them to the ground again before bringing them back up to the center and pass the ball to your hands to complete. Having the weight between my feet I felt it in my knee a bit. It wasn't a pain probably just because i was stabilizing it. by the end of the wod those were tough. But I am really happy with the way my knee held up so far today. maybe things are getting better. even if i can't run or ride for a bit if i can get more crossfit moves in i will be happy. I have been doing air squats as a warmup without any problems also. But I am not doing a lot of volume or going for speed on them as I would if they were in a wod.

I saw the participants list for the national championship today and i found it funny that when you register you have to put on what you expect your finish time to be. I went conservative on my time and I have one of the slowest listed! lol! I really hope my knee heals up and I get to do this race. They are taking the top 18 in each age group to world championship with a rolldown after that to 25 if people decline. I have a feeling its going to be a really competitive and fun race. And we're swimming in lake champlain!

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