Thursday, June 30, 2011

knee report

swim 500 of drills to warmup - 100s of catch, drag, fist, shark and hesitate. then 2 - 15 minute TT's on 2 minutes rest
1 - 33 laps - 825 yards
2 - 34 laps - 850 yards
still swimming with the pull buoy to rest the knee
25 of elementary back stroke and then another 500 of drills same set as above

decided to do a 30 minute 1 legged bike on the trainer instead of a cf wod today because the shoulders are cooked and with a double swim workout tomorrow thought this would be a better idea. went 15, 8, 4,3. done.

100 leg lifts as 30,30,20,20

Went to the doctor today and he thinks I have a bone contusion of my knee. I was sent for rays and so far no news is good news. I am already doing everything I would need to heal this. If the diagnosis is correct it is just a matter of time. I am really starting to get antsy to really train again especially to ride my bike. hopefully it will be healed sooner rather than later.

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