Saturday, June 25, 2011


Had a longer swim session than I normally do this morning but it was a good one.

500 of drills to warmup - 100 of catch, drag, shark, hesitate and fist
then the following ladder all on 30 seconds rest while using a pull buoy

1 x 400 - 7.07
2 x 300 - 5.20, 5.20
3 x 200 - screwed 2 of these up by an extra 50 each 4.37, 4.36, 3.37
4 x 100 - 1.46, 1.46,1.47,1.47
3 x 200 - 4.38, 3.46, 3.46 screwed 1 of these up by an extra 50
2 x 300 - 5.50, 5.41
1 x 400 - 7.32

i don't know what;s so hard about counting 8 laps really. My times slowed down as the workout progressed. I never found myself aerobically challenged but my left shoulder was feeling weird and it did seem more effort to pull as i got tired. All of the upper b ody strength work combined with the daily swimming im sure. I put ice on my shoulder after the workout just to be on the safe side. Strange thing is that isn't my surgical shoulder. I also noticed it seemed weaker when i was benching the other day too. Ill have to keep an eye on it.

cf workout - did a little pullup wod
strict dead hang pullups
got a 5 unassisted pullups in but they were all in sets of 1 but it's a start.
the arms arn't really fresh these days anyway.

etra small purple band reps - 2, 4,4,4,4
2 purple bands for 5
small blue band 5,5,5,5

Dry-land swim pull with resistance tubing - 2 sets of 10 each side

I got to pickup my new road bike today. It is a Cervelo R3 with Sram Red comps and Speedplay pedals. Got the womens handlebars and a fisik vesta saddle put on. It's a really sweet ride. I got to cruise it around a bit to test the fit etc before taking it home. I really wish my knee was healed now so i could take Micah for a spin. That's right Caballo Blanco baby for you Born to Run fans!

Supposed to do an open water lake swim tomorrow morning with some friends in the lovely Harvey's lake. I 
really hope it isn't as gross as last year but i am suspecting that it is!
the knee still hurts. when i first get up in the morning it is the best pretty much painfree. Then with use it  starts to ache. still hitting the ice and using the neoprene sleeve. I guess it hasn't been that long but it seems like forever to me.

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