Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recovery stuff

Drove home from Maryland yesterday. Due to road construction it ended up being a long drive. I got myself reorganized and went out for an easy road bike ride with my husband on his new R3!! which had me wanting my new R3. I called my bike shop today and said if they can't get this located I just want to order it from Cervelo this week so that when they make it is july I get one! Im pretty excited for it!! Our ride was mostly flat and we were out for about 50 minutes.  This morning I went for an easy 20 minute swim. I tried to focus on my form since I am not going for time.  Did the Crossfit Endurance Recovery WOD too. I actually feel good expect for my knee.  I am going to try to let that recover this week so I can have a good trip to lake placid. Im back on the ice and actually it is better than I expected it to be after eagleman. Maybe that is a good sign and means it is healing. most likely it is just because there were not any hills to deal with down there.

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