Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Stuck with me

When I got up this morning my knee was the best it has been yet and that is encouraging. Either is it healing up or the drugs are just blocking the pain or maybe both. either way I will take it. I also iced my shoulder last nite too.

Swim - 1,000 of drills 2 sets of 100s of catch, drag, fist, shark and hesitate. Then 1,000 as 100 hard 100 easy. I actually really like this workout. My shoulder was still feeling strained in the pool. Not painful but tired. cooldown - 100 of elementary back stroke. The most relaxing swim stroke there is!

cf wod -

using a set of kettlebells for 5 rounds of 5 reps each
shoulder press - using 18s
Rows - using 18, 26 & 35

6 rounds of 25 reps each of
10 LB Med Ball situps with throw - touched ball overhead and at top of situp through it against a wall
10 Lb Med ball seated Twists (touching ball to ground onf each side of body 25 each side for 50 total per round)

6 rounds of 25 seated leg lifts

My knee didn't feel quite as good afterwards. not painful but it felt like it has a popping to it when i was walking. back to the ice!

I have my doctors appointment for my knee tomorrow morning. I don't know how much I will find out as this guy isn't an ortho. that appointment is in a few weeks but Ill see what comes of it if anyway.

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