Friday, June 3, 2011


Started the day with a swim. 300 of drills to warm up. Then a 25 minute TT - Covered 56 laps or 1400 yards. I was aiming for 60 not sure if could actually get it but I was trying to. Came up a little short. I was lcuky enough to have a guy swimming in a lane next to me that was going just faster than I really want to go so i was racing him most of the time. Did 100 of breaststroke and 100 of backstroke to cooldown.

CF wod - 50 burpee pullups for time. Couldn't do the kip because of my knee so did the pullups on the rings. This slowed down the wod and I didn't feel as stressed from it as I should have so I decided to row 4 x 400 meters on 2 minutes rest. The burpee pullups took me 7.16 and I killed it on the rower hitting every interval at 1:39. That felt good!

Went to my ART doctor today to have my knee looked at. Good news is that after his tests nothing is fractured or dislocated. It is possible i have a bone contusion which just takes some time to heal. All of the tendons around my knee are a mess. he thinks it is most likely from cycling. there is a little room to adjust your body with the repetitive motions so if something is off it's got to go somewhere. Hit some more ice and nsaids. I get to try out an easy ride and run tomorrow. then race on sunday! I got back from more ART on monday. It is always a weird experience to hear someone break down the grit in your tendons. 

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