Wednesday, June 15, 2011

IRONMAN NYC 8.11.12!!

I registed to do my first Full Ironman Event today and it is going to be NYC on August 11, 2012! I am really excited to have a spot in the inaugural race. I think this particular race is going to have special meaning for me as I used to live in NYC and it has always had a special place in my heart.I'll probably be crying my eyes out Ill be so emotional about it!  Let's hope I can run over the GWB without any issues! the swim in the hudson has to be the least exciting part of the race although I expect it to be faster swim times. I doubt there is any majoring climbing since they are using the palisades.  Overall it will be a real mental and physical test not only on race but in the next year while training for it. I've always had HUGE respect for ironman athletes because I really believed that is was something that I could not do myself. It's just insanely far. But after training with Jay in triathlon for a year now. I know I can do it. When I started this last season I remember doing a duathlon as my first event and just thinking  wow this is going to be tough! And then year later I raced my first 70.3. And while racing is always hard work i have seen my progression over the last year and I really look forward to seeing where I will be in another year from now. It hasn't been the easiest year for me training wise with various injuries to deal with throughout the season but i've learned a lot and im looking forward to this next challenge.

Another easy training day just recovery stuff. had a 30-40 minute easy bike ride on the schedule so I just used my bike to commute around today. I also did the Crossfit Endurance Recovery Wod. I am feeling good since Eagleman. I also went for an ART session on my knee. The doc said the tissue quality is getting better. He thinks my plan of training in placid this weekend and then seeing how the knee is and adjusting the schedule around it is a good one. I will go back to him next week and after placid and get another tune up. But then it might be time to rest the knee  a bit and let it fully recover if necessary. We'll see how it goes up in Placid.  He agreed that swimming and doing crossfit exercises that don't aggravate it until it heals is the best approach. Testing out the cycling and running as it feels better to see when it is ready.
Tomorrow has a full rest day on the schedule. Ill finish packing my stuff for the weekend training. I am really looking forward to going to lake placid. I have never been there before but I hear it is beautiful. It will also be so much fun to train with jay and his athletes.

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