Saturday, June 4, 2011

Independence Tri Prep

Slept in a bit this morning and woke up to my knee hurting a lot less than it did which made me pretty happy!!! of course it is not completely gone but it have improvement really made my day! The doctor recommended I take an easy and short ride and run today to test out the knee and to get things moving a bit before tomorrow's race. So I took my Time trial bike down to the local school and road basically flat laps around the school for 20 minutes. The first 5 minutes I felt nothing. Then after than I could feel my knee pulling a bit but not really painfully. Of course the intensity to the ride wasn't there either. Then I hit the track to do my running drills and run.

Did ball of foot hops with forward lean movement

Wall drills pulls - just like on the bike the pulling up of the leg is what bothers the knee. It is my quadricep tendon that is yanking on my knee. I realied last night that I do stretch by a specific quad stretch doesn't usual make it into my routine so i need to add that one!

single leg pulls - my right leg is great. my left leg is clunky because of the knee

karaoke - decided to do this instead of the round the clock lunges for today because the lunges really annoy my knee and there is no need to do that to it before a race.

A Skips - again right is better than left

I decided against doing strides just to keep the intensity down in an attempt to not irritate the knee.

Ran 1 mile on the track - the knee does ache on the pull up but it is much less than it was previously.

walked a half mile afterwards then got back on my bike and did another 10 minute spin back home.

The knee isn't great but I am happier that it is finally feeling somewhat better. Hitting the ice and stuff like that today. The race is short tomorrow so I hope to be able to really go at an all out effort the entire way. I think it will take me around an hour to complete it. I would like to go under an hour but i honestly don't know if that is attainable. I'll but my best effort into doing it though!

The swim is going to be cold again I 've already prepared myself for that. Nothing I can do about it really. I most likely wont take a warmup swim first as i normally do just because it is supposed to be in the high 50s when the race goes off tomorrow. And i don't really want to be standing around wet waiting for my wave to go. I may just warmup on the bike and possibly run. Although to me it sounds like the entire race is going to be a cold event. I know once i start racing i won't even notice it. But before and after will be chilly. For me to accomplish an hour I would have to go 5 - 6 minutes on the swim which is a 1/4 mile so if i swim my best I can do it. hopefully the swim start won't be like devilman! Then I have to ride about 30 minutes on the bike. it's a ten mile course with some rolling hills. If I avg 20mph I can do it. I don't plan on taking my watch or anything like that because i don't want to waste time putting it on etc. and I just want my effort to be as hard as I can go. I don't want anything telling me how fast I really am going. Maybe a mistake. we'll see. it's ten miles I already know i can keep the hammer down that long. Ive even thinking about not taking water with me because most likely i won't really be drinking it. and its going to be kool. The run is going to be the hardest for me just because of the knee and my run training isn't as on par as the rest of my training. I know i can throw down some 8 minute miles. Id like to hit in the 7s since it is only a 2 mile course but we'll see what happen especially coming off the bike. I'm mostly using this as a practice warmup race for eagleman next week but I also want to go as hard as i can because the distances are so short. Id like to be competitive in this race and not hold back because of the knee. Next week will all be taering. Im going to pack my stuff today and hopefully have a somewhat relaxing day in preparation for tomorrow. I am thinking about going to get my tri bike fit at the bike shop if they can fit my into their schedules today. if not I would like toget it done before eagleman especially if it helps my knee get through the distance.

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