Sunday, June 26, 2011

Open water swim

another long swim day today. this time in open water. Hit Harvey's lake with some friends for a 2.5 miler. I wore my wetsuit as that lake is kinda gross and the water isn't that warm. I swam most of it by myself as most of these guys are faster than am I and the others decided to do a shorter course. Tried to work on my drafting when i was with them and then my sighting when I wasn't. Took over an hour.
here is a link to one of the guys race reports on IM Florida. my favorite line is
Any athlete who has done an Ironman race can agree that to finish the distance is impossible without expressing yourself with the following words: fuck, shit, damn, bitch, hell and motherfucker. ... t-language

My knee still isn't good. I am really starting to wonder if this isn't a plica. I've been reading up on various knee conditions and it mostly sounds like this. The onset is usually some acute trauma and then a repetitive aggravation of it. Kinda like sounds like the car accident and training/racing tris to me. I think this because when i get up in the morning it is usually better and then it just gets worse probably as it gets irritated. also when i ice it. It feels great after that. for awhile anyway. I havent been taking nsaids since eagleman but i am thinking about it because they do make it feel a lot better. I don't really want them for the pain but if they are actually bringing down the inflammation then they would be helpful. it is just so friggin stiff!

I am taking the day off from crossfit as i went 6 days in a row since placid. and the later part of the week has been all upperbody.

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