Friday, June 24, 2011


swim - 500 of drills to warmup 100s of catch, drag, fist, shark and hesitate then

6x25's - 10 second rest
5 x 50 - 15 second rest
4 x 75 - 20- second rest
3 x 100 - 25 second rest
2 x 125 - 30 second rest
1 x 150

500 of drills to cooldown. same set as above.
used a pull buoy the whole time. It is interesting to try to swim fast without kicking. I liked this workout though.

cf - barbell bent over rows
90x5 - form was starting to go with this set i wasn't staying bent over enough

Strict Pullups - mostly because I wanted to stretch out my chest after all the benching yesterday. A little sore. My abs are almost over being sore from the GHDs but it still stings to sneeze or cough.
5 x 2 skinny purple bands5 x 2 skinny purple bands3 x 1 purple band
2 x 1 purple band
5 w 2 purple band
5 w 1 blue band

I will do a real pullup workout and a dip workout in the next few days.

I called to make an appointment with my ortho doctor to have him look at me knee today. Mostly because i know it takes awhile to get into his schedule. My appt isn't until July 20th. I figured this way if i need to see him in a few weeks if the knee doesn't improve I already have the appointment and won't have to wait and if it turns out I don't need to see him I can just cancel it.  I can't say that the knee has improve much in the last couple of days.  It's depressing.

 The bike shop called that my r3 is finally ready. Also somewhat sad news as I am getting a smokin new bike that i won't be able to ride. it just isn't right! I waited so long for it and even when i finally have it in my possession i am still going to have to wait to ride it. ridiculous! maybe i will do some one leggers with my right leg! I probably should go pick it up but i really don't even want to. It is just going to be torture to have it and not use it.

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