Wednesday, June 8, 2011

more tapering and torture

The problem with rest days are they are exhausted. I was really tired last night and to drag myself out of bed this morning. did 300 of drills to warmup then 1,000 at an easy pace - time was 20.19. There may be some extra yardage in there as I wasn't being a very good counter. I was pretty much tired today too and my knee still hurts!! I went for more ART so it hurts from that too now! Icing it as much as I can. I read my athlete guide last night and now it is time for the dreaded packing! one of the worst things about multi-sport. just have to bring so much crap with you! I know I will feel less stressed with the packing is mostly over. I will feel even better once I make it to Cambridge.  I am hoping the knee improves for sunday. doing my best to make it but healing takes time and that's what I don't really have.

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