Tuesday, June 28, 2011

usat age group national championships

had a light training day on the schedule today. Mostly because I wanted to rest my left shoulder. it's been a little weird with all of the swimming and upper body strength work I've been doing. I actually just slept in this morning because i was tired and didn't feel like getting out of bed. Did 30 minutes of 1 leg biking on the trainer. I got to use my new r3 although not really able to take advantage of that since it was on the trainer.

I found out that I qualified for the USAT Age Group National Championships for the Olympic distance. They are on August 20th in Burlington, Vermont. That is 8 weeks away so not a lot of time to get my knee healed up and get ready for the race but I am going to do everything that I can to get there. I made a doctors appointment with my regular doctor for thursday morning to have him check out the knee and give me his thoughts since i couldn't get in with my ortho for a few weeks. Hopefully he will have good news for me. Now that i am taking the drugs and icing my knee as much as possible it is improving but i know it is still at the point where if i stopped doing these things and started training again it would hurt. I decided to register for the VT because if i am healthy I am going to want to go to that race and if i am not at least i know that i gave it my best shot to get there. I qualified on the independence tri I did as a warmup before eagleman. Interesting how these things work out sometimes. I didn't have the race I wanted at eagleman but at least something good came out of this whole process. I raced well that day and I need to race with that mindset again. I remember telling Jay before the race that I was going to win it and what I needed my time to be to do and I came within seconds of both. Could have been luck but more likely it was focus. Something I felt I lost at eagleman. I just had too many things going on in my mind that day. I have to say this coming up is making me focus more on getting this knee healed up as fast as possible. Obviously i can't make my body heal any faster but i think it will keep me from doing something stupid. or at least i would like to hope so.

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